Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Saluti Dall'Italia!

Good afternoon everyone... or, as they say in Italy 'Buon Pomeriggio'. As I sit here writting, I can see the waves in the mediterranean sea from my hotel window and can smell the salt water in the air. E and I are having a great time visiting friends and family and enjoying our time in San Remo before we take off for the Adriatic Coast. There is nothing better than spending the days at the beach and the nights sipping wine at a restaurant on the sea. I'll keep this short (the pictures speak for themselves) and I'll say that we are happy, safe and enjoying life. 


Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Day All About Dads

I will start with the classic, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! 
(and then quickly digress…)

I am sitting here in my parents’ basement (a story for another day), tears streaming down my face, having started and restarted this post at least a dozen times. The reason it is so difficult to get the words out is because there are no words to describe how incredible our father really is.

It is no secret that our mom has been battling cancer for almost 5 years now- she is an amazingly strong woman, a fearless fighter and inspiration to all of us.

Our dad however, is the man in the shadows. Our dad has fought alongside our mom for every bit of these past 5 years- just about every test, every treatment, every appointment, everything- he has been there. I often joke about how LONG it takes my dad to make decisions; buying a new car is a 4-month process- read all write-ups, check the stats, test drive several models etc. He is often referred to as “Captain Security” because he is just a very careful, thorough, cautious guy (which is probably good because us girls aren’t so much…) So, I cannot imagine what it was like for him, almost a year ago, to pack up his wife, pack up his life, leave his house, his work and the rest of his family in hopes of better options in the U.S.- all in 36-hours.  

In the 5 years that our family has been coping with our mom’s illness, we have not been spared other life events (some happy, some sad) and without fail, dad has remained our rock. In moments when HE should have been the one to completely melt down from stress or emotional exhaustion, he remained the one that my sisters and I could lean on, talk to, cry with. His strength has not waivered even once.

Really, I could go on and on forever with tales of how wonderful our father is but instead, I will just share one last story that makes my heart melt every time I think of it. (Ok- a little bit of context & then the story.)

It was 3 years in to my mother’s illness, it was a lousy, cold March evening and mom was in the hospital. Our dad’s routine had been the following for weeks at this point- 530am wake up, at the hospital by 7, in the office for a few hours, noon back at the hospital, back to work, home for a quick bite to eat and then once again back at the hospital until my mom fell asleep. Repeat.

After a while, my sisters and I begged my father to take a night off so he could get a good sleep. We promised to visit with mom until she kicked us out to go to bed. He agreed.
The visit took place but on the way out, there was dad coming down the hall. Curious as to what was going on and knowing that he knew we were there, T asked “what are you doing here?” He responded, “Oh, I just forgot to pick something up when I was last here.” Concerned that he had lied to us (to protect us of course) we stood outside mom’s room to make sure everything was ok. In true mom form, she looked up, saw dad there and said “Oh for goodness sake, what are you doing here? You were supposed to take the night off, the girls just left.”
To which he responded, “I know, I just couldn’t go to sleep without giving you a kiss goodnight.”  

To this day I am not sure if Dad knows we heard that. In fact, I’ll probably get in trouble for writing about it. Regardless, it is one of my favorite moments when I think about my dad. Pure, simple, strong and loving.
Daddy- we don’t know where we would be in all of this without your strength, love and devotion to mom and the rest of our family. From coaching soccer, attending swim meets, softball games to school plays, days and nights on the Island, financial advice to thoughts on life, breakups, makeups, bike rides, homework, Peterborough, a wedding and your baby's baby, morning cartoons and late night chats... you have been there for it ALL. Although we cannot be there with you today, we hope you have a wonderfully amazing father’s day because that is exactly what you are, an amazingly wonderful dad (& now Grandpa!)

Love you more than words.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nothing Is Ever Really Lost To Us As Long As We Remember It

Well... it's been a long time. Over a month in fact. It's kind of funny how you grow up hearing how fast life flies by and then, seemingly out of nowhere, you become someone who can't stop saying things like "wow... where did the day/week/month go?". I am officially one of those people. 

E always told me that I would notice it even more when there was a baby in the family. A baby that grows and changes and makes new faces every day. He was right.

This past weekend, E and I packed up his new Jeep and headed South for New Jersey. I had bought him Yankee Tickets for his birthday and, at the time when I bought them in March, I felt like the game day was so far away. The time just flew by though... two months gone in a flash. We drove down on Saturday and had planned to stay at my parents place in Jersey and spend some time both there and in the city. Sunday, which also happened to be Mother's Day, turned out to be nothing short of an amazing day. The sun was shinning, and it was just one of those days where everything went our way. 

We started off with a nice walk through Central Park where we finally got to enjoy a warm day with lots of greenery. 

During our walk, we decided that perhaps we should make a rough plan for the day... maybe an activity or two planned out. So, being the kid at heart that I am, I asked if we could go to the Central Park Zoo. Since it was Mother's Day we made sure to check with Mama H, but she loves animals so I knew she would be down for the adventure. 

After the zoo, we headed toward Rockefeller Center and decided to grab a late lunch before heading back to the apartment. As we sat and watched the world go by, I thought a lot about Mother's Day and how much my mother does for me. I know it's cliché to say that I have the best mother in the world and that I couldn't have asked for a better mom... but it's the truth. I don't know any woman who is stronger, kinder, more caring, or more selfless than my mother. Despite the fight my mom is fighting, she is rarely thinking of the impact this has on her... but she is instead thinking about how this is impacting others and is thinking of protecting her children. That is the definition of being a mother.

Even though we couldn't be all together as a family...the day was otherwise perfect. I stopped a few times and tried to soak it all in. I want to remember the smells of the park on that day, the sounds of the people and the children, how the sun was warm and how the grass was still a little wet. I want to capture that feeling of being happy and feeling like everything is going to be ok... because I know it will be. It was so special. Not because we went to a fancy restaurant or bought my mom fancy gifts... but because we spent it together doing something she loves. 

E and I finished our visit there by going to see the Yankees play. It was something on my bucket list and I am so happy we got to do it. I know how much he loves baseball and, even though we didn't stay until the end... we had a great time and I truly felt the passion in that stadium.

Well, that's all for me... for now. I'm hoping you all had a lovely Mother's Day Weekend.

With Love,

Monday, March 25, 2013

It's A Girl!

Welcome to the world Emma Judith Allen! It is my pleasure to announce the birth of Emma Judith Allen, born March 24th, 2013. She is the most perfect little bundle of joy, weighing 8 pounds 4 ounces hard to believe since T's baby bump was so small! Mom and baby are doing extremely well and Daddy is very proud. We are all overjoyed and are already smothering Emma with love and kisses. She is the most beautiful little girl and we are so blessed. Since we didn't know the sex of the baby, we had to rush out today to make sure that our niece would be the best dressed little munchkin on the block!

We Love You Emma.
Love S & K

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's A Birthday (But No Baby Yet)

I've wanted to write this post all day, but haven't out of fear that everyone receving it would think that Baby has come. Well he/she has not yet come, and we are all anxiously awaiting said arrival. K, K & I cannot wait to become aunties and I know that T has waited her whole life to become a mama. Well... hang in there T, because Baby will be here any day now. 

The reason for this post is that it happens to be a very special day: K's birthday. Seeing as Mama H and Dad aren't home, we didn't do a blowout celebration, or shower her with gifts (or give her the gift she wanted which was a new niece or nephew)... we did have a small dinner to celebrate her day. 

As anyone who reads this blog already knows, my sisters and I are extremely close... in fact, they are my best friends. We share everything... whether good or bad... but, most importantly, we support one another. Whether they come to me with happy news, or sad news, I know that they know I will be there to share in the good... and cry during the bad. I will listen without judgement, be happy without jealousy, and be protective when I need to be. The same way they would do for me. What it all comes down to, is that there is no one in this world who knows you better than your sisters. No one has been through what we have been through... but us.

For as long as I can remember, K has been there to protect her little sisters, to listen without judgement, and to love us as hard as her strong little heart would allow. And soon (hopefully) there will be a new addition to our family that will find his/her own little spot in her heart as well. She will love the new baby as fiercely as she loves every single member of her family.

So... on this very special night... I want to wish her a very Happy Birthday and tell her that I hope this year is nothing short of spectacular. She deserves no less than that.  She is the best big sister you could ever ask for and we love her. Plain and simple. 

Never stop being you K. 
Much Love,
Your LSF

Friday, March 8, 2013

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

When I announced that I had decided to spend my Spring Break overseas as a chaperon for 41 fifteen and sixteen year –olds, an overwhelming number of people told me (in short) that I was crazy; “You’ll regret it. You’re going to be exhausted. Europe is beautiful but it’s not THAT worth it.”

We left on February 27th, our flight was at 8pm (but thanks to a snow storm we sat in the plane for 2 hours & finally took off at 10 pm.) We landed somewhere in the vicinity of 10 am Paris time immediately set off on a tour of Paris (Notre Dame Basilica, the Seine River etc) and arrived back at our hotel around 10 pm. The routine of 5:30am wake ups, all-day tours and late returns continued for the entire 9 days- including our final day which saw zero hours of sleep the previous night, two flights and a 4 hour layover before arriving home- I did the math, 32 hours without sleep!  

The final verdict: I would not have changed even ONE moment for the world! On top of visiting some of the world’s most beautiful cities and seeing some of the most treasured pieces of art/ fascinating ruins I also had the opportunity and pleasure of getting to know a phenomenal group of young adults (I was going to say kids but was corrected by them constantly while away ha ha ha!)

Some of my favorite moments from the trip include the following:
  •       One of our boys, a quiet, insecure young man spent his whole trip (and all of his money) searching for the perfect gifts for each of his family members, soccer team scarves to be exact for his younger brother. On our final day in Rome, he was wearing an “Italia” scarf and I said “Great, you've found all of the scarves for your brother.” Instead, he explained to me that this one was not for his brother but rather having seen him spend all of his time and money on everyone else, the “popular girls” on the trip had all pitched in and bought him the scarf so he could have a souvenir from the trip.
  •      When asked “What was your favorite part of the trip?” A simple question. A grade 11 girl explained to me the following: “High school has not been easy for me. I don’t have a lot of friends and I got the idea that not a lot of people actually like me. But this whole trip has redefined my memories of high school.”
  •      Hour 10 of our trip home, one of our “less popular” girls had hot coffee spilled on her lap. Before I could get out of my seat to try to rectify the problem the one of most popular guy on the trip, a jock, got out of his seat, went back to the washroom, returned wearing basketball shorts. He had the sweatpants he had been wearing in hand and was offering them to the “geeky girl” he had probably never spoken to prior to this trip.

Some other highlights:
The Louvre- Paris, France

San Gimignano, Italy

Colosseum- Rome, Italy

Piazza Del Duomo, Mlian, Italy

Eiffel Tower- Paris, France
Pompeii, Italy
Hall of Mirrors, Versailles

Sistine Chapel- Vatican City
*No, I didn't not disobey and take a photo, this is thanks to Google image*
MEGA HIGHLIGHT: Being one of the FINAL groups to be granted access to the Sistine Chapel before it was closed to the public so they could begin the preparations for the Papal Conclave- AMAZING!

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t get up every morning to go to work; I get up and get to do what I LOVE (and just happen to get paid for it.) More often than not when there is talk of teens, there are negative connotations or less popular feelings towards them but let me tell you, there are some incredibly intelligent, compassionate, empathetic, interesting young people out there and I feel absolutely blessed to have had the chance to spend my spring break with them... and the surroundings weren't bad either :)

With love,


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today We Celebrated

I tried to get a post up earlier this morning but for one reason after another, I was pulled away from my computer and distracted by work. Now, just after 10 pm and less than 2 hours short of being late, I can finally post what I had been wanting to all day...

Birthdays come once a year and on that one day, we get to celebrate the person and wish them well for the year ahead. Today was the youngest `lifeofthree` sister`s birthday and so for my family and I, today was a special day.

As I sit here trying to find the perfect words to describe just how I feel about her, it all comes down to the following no matter which way I put it: I am lucky for the friendship that we have, I am thankful for all the time we get to spend together, I love that we laugh the way we do when we are together, I am grateful for the support that she gives me, I am proud of the woman she has become, I value that I can share so much of my life with her and I can only hope that my child has a sibling as amazing as she is...

...because my life is a whole lot more fun with my sister next to me.

Happy Birthday Sara! Hoping your day was as wonderful as you are!!



Monday, March 4, 2013


As I sit here writing... less than one hour before my 26th birthday... I am filled with many different emotions. So much has happened in the past year, that it is sometimes hard to swallow and is the reason for the tear in my eye and the ball in my throat. This is where I was exactly one year ago...

This photo was taken the day before my 25th birthday in Nassau in the Bahamas. Looking back I realize that, despite the hardness my family and I had experience over the past few years... we had no idea what was in store for us in the upcoming year.

I look back at my 25 year old self and I want to warn her about the hard times she is about to experience. I wish I could tell her how good things are.... how she should appreciate how happy she is in this moment. I want to tell her that she should smile more... stress less... and tell her family every single day how much she loves them, because this is the year she would realize just how fragile life truly is. 

This year was the year I met Prince Harry, the year my sister surprised me and took us to Bermuda, the year I rekindled friendships, the year we survived an actually hurricane and decided to be a better person. This is also the year where K got engaged to D and T & B announced that they are expecting making me an aunt for the very first time.  

But.... what comes up must come down... and this is also the year that we lost our beloved Grandpa George and found our lives turned upside down when our Mama had to be moved to the states for treatment. 

I felt at times that my heart had been ripped out, that my world was falling apart and that I wouldn't be able to handle the pain I was feeling. It was terrible and heartbreaking and extremely hard all rolled into one overwhelming package... no bow. I sometimes wondered how we were going to get through our days... but we did.... as always... as a family.

Now, looking back, it seems silly that I thought I wouldn't be able to make it through... but sometimes life is so hard to face. You can't always see the forest through all the trees... or something like that. I had my bad days, but things always get better when you are surrounded by people you love and who love you. 

Losing our Grandpa was one of the hardest days of my life. Not a day will go by that I won't think of my Grandpa and miss him. Not a day will go by that I won't wonder if he is up there looking down on us. Not a day will go by that I won't wish I could speak to him, ask his advice... wonder if he is proud of me. 

Similarly, not a day will go by that I don't realize how blessed I am to have my mother here with me. Not a day will go by that I won't realize how much she means to me... how much it means to me to have her here loving me, supporting me, and guiding me through life. For anyone who hasn't been through what we have been through... take it from me... you will only realize how much your mother means to you when you come close to losing her. 

So... now that I am 10 minutes away from my 26th year... I hope that I have grown. I hope that I have learned. I hope that I have become a better sister, a better daughter, a better person. I hope learn to fully appreciate life and all the gifts I have been given. I hope to that my love for my family and friends continues to grow. I hope to be more patient, less stressed, more compassionate, less angry. I know this is a tall order to fill... but I feel like I can do it. After all we've been through as a family... I owe it to someone to push myself to be all of these things... and that person may be myself.

Be kind.... be happy... be true. 

Kisses from the birthday girl. 

With love,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's Official- I need H-E-L-P!!!

As S announced in early fall, I am engaged.

I am SO excited to be engaged to DB- yes, most people would say "Obviously!" but no. I was not that little girl who fantasized of her perfect wedding day. I have never really thought about MY wedding at all. In fact, the idea of them kind of give me anxiety (it appears that my enthusiasm for weddings left me to join my sister T ;P )

In a shocking twist however, it turns out that DB IS into weddings, our wedding to be specific. (No, he is not that little boy who fantasized about his wedding day... but it is important to him to have a ceremony & to celebrate with friends (read: wedding.) So, to make a long story short, DB does SO much for me that I have (maturely) agreed to have a small, simple wedding.

I am happy to report that planning has been relatively painless thus far. DB and I agree on most things (ie location, food etc) and have actually laughed & had fun searching for ideas. (I don't know how people planned these things before the internet!?!?!?) And don't forget, I have two very helpful sisters.

I have hit my first roadblock! Seriously, I have been searching for some time now (as have S & T) and so far, no luck !


-ok for an outdoor, summer wedding
-Dark or light grey is fine
-Preferably long but won't be picky at this point
-Something funky, different,
 ie. I recognize that grey can be a dull color so I need the dress to have a little personality

The only two dresses I have seen thus far that are remotely close to what I would like (plus one that is unidentifiable as long or short ) are the following:

This is my favorite by far of the three but I think it might be short

If you happen to come across a cute, grey dress you think would be fit for an outdoorsy wedding, please send the link or store name our way!


Friday, February 15, 2013


This post is going to be short & sweet but too important not to acknowledge.

Anyone who has read more than two posts on Life Of Three knows that our family has been living through difficult times for the past few years due to Mama H's health.  

We are all aware that there are no guarantees in life but we are beyond pleased to celebrate an extraordinary milestone today- Mama H underwent a procedure that required her to be (essentially) in isolation for 100 days. So while the rest of the world warmed their hearts yesterday over Valentine's day, Life of Three sisters & our whole H family (relatives & friends alike) hearts burst with joy today as we celebrate and honor one of the bravest, strongest, most incredible wife, mother, daughter, sister, woman we know. 

Ma- you make me prouder, make me love you & inspire me more and more everyday!

HAPPY 100!!! 

Much love


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Long Overdo

Well... it's been a while. Between work, new houses, updating old houses, upcoming baby arrivals and life in general... we haven't have much time to post. As is often the case in life, when one part of your life is thriving, other parts are suffering. And, for now, I am focusing on family and friends and work. So, the blog has been neglected. I know for many of Mama H's friends, they like to read and see how she is doing and what she has been upto. Well, I am pleased to say that she is doing well and that we were able to visit with her and Dad a few weeks ago. We laughed a lot, drank wine (not mama H or T but the rest of us) and leaving was... difficult... as always. I always have to wipe away a tear as we drive off, even though I know it is not goodbye, but see you later. Here are a few pictures of some pictures of our trip.

As you can see, we were not only able to make a trip to the Jersey Shore, but we also made it into the big city with Mama H. Though she couldn't go to lunch or into stores, she and I walked for blocks and blocks and blocks. She loves New York, but since arriving in August, has only been able to look at the skyline from the apartment. She finally got to go in and it was wonderful. It was an absolutely lovely day; one I will remember forever.

We hope that my parents will be home for a few days to visit soon, which would make me so happy. Until then, T's bump is growing day by day and we are all anxiously awaiting Baby's arrival. Have a great rest of the week.

With Love,

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

Good frosty afternoon everyone! Well, there's not much to say about the weather other than it's sitting at a chilly -19 (feels like -26) and is only going to get worse as the week goes on. What's better? The heat in our office is broken and T and I are sitting here at our computers in our parkas (I kid you not)... to say it is a bad day to have no heat is an understatement.

Despite the cold weather, I am slowly starting to think of spring and how wonderful it is going to be to get reacquainted with the sun. For now though, the only sun I get to feel is for a few seconds as I run from house to car to office to lunch and back again. This doesn't stop me from looking forward though... and spring means new clothes. New clothes in lighter fabrics, bright colors and fun patterns. My winter 'uniform' consists of black on black on black, which doesn't particularly help my dreary mood. So, with that, I have included some styles that I am looking forward to and some outfits I am excited to attempt. 

First is this Wool Crepe V-Neck Dress in Guava from J-Crew. The color is perfect for spring because it has just enough pop without being too tropical. Also, the mid-length sleeve makes it perfect for spring weather. 

Next are these Pixie Jodhpur Pants with Leather Trim, also from J-Crew. As I have mentioned numerous times, I love the color navy and these legging-style pants would be a great alternative to the black leggings I wear almost everyday. I also love how the leather ads a little kick without making you look like a biker chic. 

For something a little edgier, I really like this Studio Top with Rhinestones paired with these Piped Studio Trousers, both from Zara's Spring 2013 collection. I have tried on these pants and, even though the model is stick thin, they do look good on someone who has a.. umm... larger behind. I promise. 

Finally, there is this Jacquard Mini Skirt also from Zara paired with a simple grey sweater and a chunky necklace (both from their Spring 2013 Collection). I would trade the grey sweater for a black one and I would wear it with black tights and black pumps for drinks after work. 

Before I go though, I must share a couple Baby Looks for Spring 2013. Since T is LESS THAN 2 MONTHS away from having her baby, I think it's only fair that I share some Baby Looks as well. They aren't finding out the sex... so here are some of the best of Girls and Boys. 

I know I know... buying Burberry for a baby is a waste of money. But come on! How cute is this Burberry Infant Cotton Cardigan and Dress Set? Honestly... it is too adorable. 

What could  be cuter than a baby in Burberry you ask... how about a baby in this Armani Junior Circles Dress? Cute as a button.

Again with the Burberry... But these Infant's Cashmere-Blend Check Overalls look so cozy and warm, and can be worn by either a boy or a girl.

And what little boy's wardrobe is complete without this Dolce and Gabbana Infant Athletic Tracksuit? Though girls get to wear pink little frilly outfits... the boys clothes are pretty darn cute these days too.

Well that's enough for today. T will be going down to visit Mom and Dad H this weekend so we will be back with an update soon. I hope everyone is having a nice week, despite this terrible weather. Stay warm!

With Love,