Saturday, February 16, 2013

It's Official- I need H-E-L-P!!!

As S announced in early fall, I am engaged.

I am SO excited to be engaged to DB- yes, most people would say "Obviously!" but no. I was not that little girl who fantasized of her perfect wedding day. I have never really thought about MY wedding at all. In fact, the idea of them kind of give me anxiety (it appears that my enthusiasm for weddings left me to join my sister T ;P )

In a shocking twist however, it turns out that DB IS into weddings, our wedding to be specific. (No, he is not that little boy who fantasized about his wedding day... but it is important to him to have a ceremony & to celebrate with friends (read: wedding.) So, to make a long story short, DB does SO much for me that I have (maturely) agreed to have a small, simple wedding.

I am happy to report that planning has been relatively painless thus far. DB and I agree on most things (ie location, food etc) and have actually laughed & had fun searching for ideas. (I don't know how people planned these things before the internet!?!?!?) And don't forget, I have two very helpful sisters.

I have hit my first roadblock! Seriously, I have been searching for some time now (as have S & T) and so far, no luck !


-ok for an outdoor, summer wedding
-Dark or light grey is fine
-Preferably long but won't be picky at this point
-Something funky, different,
 ie. I recognize that grey can be a dull color so I need the dress to have a little personality

The only two dresses I have seen thus far that are remotely close to what I would like (plus one that is unidentifiable as long or short ) are the following:

This is my favorite by far of the three but I think it might be short

If you happen to come across a cute, grey dress you think would be fit for an outdoorsy wedding, please send the link or store name our way!