Monday, August 4, 2014

She said yes!

I am interrupting my reports on my online dating escapades to announce wonderfully exciting news- after 4 years of enduring our family, E decided to fully emmerse himself in all of our craziness by asking our dear little S to be his wife!!!

As I walked into my parents' "pied-a-terre" in jersey, mom immediately pointed out where "E proposed to us!" She described how a nervous looking E sat my parents down to ask if he could ask S to marry him... Of course they said "yes" and then, all that was left was a week long wait until they left for Italy (their annual trip to visit E's family) a long flight, and a few days of visiting before their weekend spent alone during which he finally, was able to pop THE question!

In true "K" form, I was in a port-o-potty at Osheaga when I received the 1st call with the wonderful news. Luckily, I didn't answer and opted to call back when I exited the washroom... So I called back and instead of words, S held up her left hand and there was her gorgeous engagement ring. I started to cry (happy tears, obviously.) Got to love montrealers because as I cried for my sister's wonderful news, fellow Osheaga-goers stopped in their tracks to make sure I was ok. When I told them they were tears of joy because of my little sister's engagement to a wonderful man, they took it upon themselves to get on FaceTime as well, in order to congratulate them. It was just amazing.

So here I am. I cannot wait for them to get back so we can celebrate (& get details- when is this happening? What color should I wear? Where?) urg, this also means yet another Wedding Diet!!!!! Yay!

Regardless of these details, the one thing I know is that E has made my littlest sister friend as happy as she ever could be, and that is worth more than anything in the world to me. (And if I am going to be selfish, I now officially have the two BEST brothers-in-law that have ever walked this earth!!! Lucky girl I am!)

So here's to you guys- S&E, I love you both so much!

Here's to a life of love, laughs and a whole lot more.

Much love



Monday, July 28, 2014

Turns out... I'm a chicken.

I already have to make an amendment to the last post I wrote: I will do 1 thing that scares me a week, not per day! (That plan was a real quick way to let myself down!)

I have signed myself up and even chatted with a few people so now, the obvious next step is to actually agreed to go out with one of these people. So, scary adventure of the week- accepting an invitation. CHECK! Right now I feel proud of myself for accepting my own challenge but guaranteed, I'm going to want to cancel it 6 times before I actually get there. I won't though, that much I have promised myself....and my sisters /friends. (No getting out of it now.) even my grandmother has come to understand and agree with my taking on this challenge!

It will definitely happen this week so I will keep you posted on how that goes. I am hoping that the incident that happened today (ya, the one where I slipped in my wet flip flops, dropped my phone and had my umbrella turn inside out... Simultaneously) is out of my system and that the awkward, sometimes clumsy K stays home for this experience.

Well, there's always a bright side, right? If I do manage to embarrass myself horribly, I may not get another date but at least you'll get a good laugh!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Starting over.

OK, so admittedly, my sisters and I haven't done a great job at keeping this alive. I suppose life has gotten in the way a bit. A baby and new house for T, a new condo and busy working life for S. As for myself, the eldest of the three, I wish I had more exciting news to share. Instead, I have an encyclopedia-long list of "is this my life?" moments and tales to tell. So instead of keeping them to myself (as any normal, self respecting person would do,) I have decided to share...

Where do I start? The engagement I called off? The house I had to sell? The job I love but am not guaranteed of getting again? Or my broken heart?

I am a 32 year old woman. I have had a fair number of long term relationships and wonderful men in my life. And most recently, heartbreak. I suppose it's normal to feel as though your world has been turned upside down when someone you care about so much turns and walks out of your life. I won't be that girl who goes and gets some crazy "I am strong!" tattoo (an anchor, a flying bird etc,) cut off all my hair or pack up and move to a new city. Nope. Instead, I have succumb to the *friendly* bullying of my friends and family (yes, my mother is on board) and have signed up for online dating (WHAT!?!?!) Yup, I have made a deal with myself: since what I've done my whole life hasn't seemed to have worked for me, I will now do at least ONE thing a day that scares me- two days ago, that was signing up for Plenty of Fish and (depending who I speak to, some say the "pay" sites are better, others believe in full access.)

 For those of you who have never ventured into the land of online dating, wow (!) it's a crazy place!
In order to manage my existence out there, my dear friend LP has laid out guidelines for my success:

1) Be "light"
This came about after the first few messages I received and felt AWFUL because most of the guys who had written were... not my type. OK, they were not attractive to me. This left me feeling bad and asking myself if I am cut out for this game. LP explained that I have to be ok with saying "no" to people and although I don't have to be mean (obviously) I also don't have to spend so much time considering how they'll feel if I don't answer. *Light*

2) It's ok if a guy asks to hold my hand.
I don't mean this literally but rather that it's ok to take chances and perhaps allow for things I am not use to. This rule comes about after a friend almost refused a 2nd date with a guy because he was "too nice." Long story short, she agreed and I am fairly certain they will end up married and having their "happily ever after."

3) Date, date, date.
I have never been on a date. This is no lie. Of course I have been taken out but always by my existing boyfriend. How, you ask did I get said boyfriend if I have never been on a date? Simple. I have ALWAYS dated friends. There is not a single guy I have dated who wasn't my friend for at least the period of a year before we began dating- it always kind of, just happened. So although I am wary of my ability to meet and "fall" for someone in the dating scene (online dating nonetheless!) I have made a deal that I WILL DATE.

So there you have it. This is where my 32 years of existence has brought me. It's OK though. Don't go feeling sad for me! Instead, you can check in every once in a while and perhaps follow me on my adventures online dating (I'm like the new Alice in Wonderland!)

Here we go!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

And The Winner Is...

Good Saturday Morning to all our readers! Even though it is grey and dull here in Montreal, the temperatures are slowly creeping up and that in itself is something to celebrate. As we mentioned in our past two posts (which can be found here and here) our extremely talented friend Stephanie Paul has finally launched her brand new website. It is an absolutely gorgeous website, with clean lines, high-definition photos of her work and easy-to-navigate buttons. You can even shop directly on her site. She has given us not only the honor of announcing her website, but she also gave us a one-of-a-kind handmade piece of her jewelry to give away to one of our lucky readers. Well, today is the day and we will announce the winner below. First thing's first though... Life of Three is proud to present to you ! 

I know that Stephanie Paul Jewelry's new website is going to be a big hit. She is so talented and her gorgeous pieces are all high quality and handmade. Now, without further delay we will announce our winner that was chosen using an online random name selector. Congratulations Tracy Cousins! We will be in touch with you via email to get you your prize. Wishing you all a great weekend!

With Love,