Monday, August 4, 2014

She said yes!

I am interrupting my reports on my online dating escapades to announce wonderfully exciting news- after 4 years of enduring our family, E decided to fully emmerse himself in all of our craziness by asking our dear little S to be his wife!!!

As I walked into my parents' "pied-a-terre" in jersey, mom immediately pointed out where "E proposed to us!" She described how a nervous looking E sat my parents down to ask if he could ask S to marry him... Of course they said "yes" and then, all that was left was a week long wait until they left for Italy (their annual trip to visit E's family) a long flight, and a few days of visiting before their weekend spent alone during which he finally, was able to pop THE question!

In true "K" form, I was in a port-o-potty at Osheaga when I received the 1st call with the wonderful news. Luckily, I didn't answer and opted to call back when I exited the washroom... So I called back and instead of words, S held up her left hand and there was her gorgeous engagement ring. I started to cry (happy tears, obviously.) Got to love montrealers because as I cried for my sister's wonderful news, fellow Osheaga-goers stopped in their tracks to make sure I was ok. When I told them they were tears of joy because of my little sister's engagement to a wonderful man, they took it upon themselves to get on FaceTime as well, in order to congratulate them. It was just amazing.

So here I am. I cannot wait for them to get back so we can celebrate (& get details- when is this happening? What color should I wear? Where?) urg, this also means yet another Wedding Diet!!!!! Yay!

Regardless of these details, the one thing I know is that E has made my littlest sister friend as happy as she ever could be, and that is worth more than anything in the world to me. (And if I am going to be selfish, I now officially have the two BEST brothers-in-law that have ever walked this earth!!! Lucky girl I am!)

So here's to you guys- S&E, I love you both so much!

Here's to a life of love, laughs and a whole lot more.

Much love



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