Monday, July 28, 2014

Turns out... I'm a chicken.

I already have to make an amendment to the last post I wrote: I will do 1 thing that scares me a week, not per day! (That plan was a real quick way to let myself down!)

I have signed myself up and even chatted with a few people so now, the obvious next step is to actually agreed to go out with one of these people. So, scary adventure of the week- accepting an invitation. CHECK! Right now I feel proud of myself for accepting my own challenge but guaranteed, I'm going to want to cancel it 6 times before I actually get there. I won't though, that much I have promised myself....and my sisters /friends. (No getting out of it now.) even my grandmother has come to understand and agree with my taking on this challenge!

It will definitely happen this week so I will keep you posted on how that goes. I am hoping that the incident that happened today (ya, the one where I slipped in my wet flip flops, dropped my phone and had my umbrella turn inside out... Simultaneously) is out of my system and that the awkward, sometimes clumsy K stays home for this experience.

Well, there's always a bright side, right? If I do manage to embarrass myself horribly, I may not get another date but at least you'll get a good laugh!


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