Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

Good frosty afternoon everyone! Well, there's not much to say about the weather other than it's sitting at a chilly -19 (feels like -26) and is only going to get worse as the week goes on. What's better? The heat in our office is broken and T and I are sitting here at our computers in our parkas (I kid you not)... to say it is a bad day to have no heat is an understatement.

Despite the cold weather, I am slowly starting to think of spring and how wonderful it is going to be to get reacquainted with the sun. For now though, the only sun I get to feel is for a few seconds as I run from house to car to office to lunch and back again. This doesn't stop me from looking forward though... and spring means new clothes. New clothes in lighter fabrics, bright colors and fun patterns. My winter 'uniform' consists of black on black on black, which doesn't particularly help my dreary mood. So, with that, I have included some styles that I am looking forward to and some outfits I am excited to attempt. 

First is this Wool Crepe V-Neck Dress in Guava from J-Crew. The color is perfect for spring because it has just enough pop without being too tropical. Also, the mid-length sleeve makes it perfect for spring weather. 

Next are these Pixie Jodhpur Pants with Leather Trim, also from J-Crew. As I have mentioned numerous times, I love the color navy and these legging-style pants would be a great alternative to the black leggings I wear almost everyday. I also love how the leather ads a little kick without making you look like a biker chic. 

For something a little edgier, I really like this Studio Top with Rhinestones paired with these Piped Studio Trousers, both from Zara's Spring 2013 collection. I have tried on these pants and, even though the model is stick thin, they do look good on someone who has a.. umm... larger behind. I promise. 

Finally, there is this Jacquard Mini Skirt also from Zara paired with a simple grey sweater and a chunky necklace (both from their Spring 2013 Collection). I would trade the grey sweater for a black one and I would wear it with black tights and black pumps for drinks after work. 

Before I go though, I must share a couple Baby Looks for Spring 2013. Since T is LESS THAN 2 MONTHS away from having her baby, I think it's only fair that I share some Baby Looks as well. They aren't finding out the sex... so here are some of the best of Girls and Boys. 

I know I know... buying Burberry for a baby is a waste of money. But come on! How cute is this Burberry Infant Cotton Cardigan and Dress Set? Honestly... it is too adorable. 

What could  be cuter than a baby in Burberry you ask... how about a baby in this Armani Junior Circles Dress? Cute as a button.

Again with the Burberry... But these Infant's Cashmere-Blend Check Overalls look so cozy and warm, and can be worn by either a boy or a girl.

And what little boy's wardrobe is complete without this Dolce and Gabbana Infant Athletic Tracksuit? Though girls get to wear pink little frilly outfits... the boys clothes are pretty darn cute these days too.

Well that's enough for today. T will be going down to visit Mom and Dad H this weekend so we will be back with an update soon. I hope everyone is having a nice week, despite this terrible weather. Stay warm!

With Love,