Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Think We All Know Where This Is Going...

Good Morning Everyone and Happy February 14th! I hope everyone's day is going exactly how they want it to be going and that it is not filled with anger and disappointment. I am not going to go the traditional route and wish you all a happy valentine's day or brag about how amazing my bf is (though he is amazing). Instead, I've decided to share some very funny e-cards from the some e-cards website. They have pages and pages of very funny cards, so check it out and send some on to your friends and loved ones! Also for the guys out there, it isn't too late to check out my "How Not To End Up Sleeping On The Couch" Valentine's Day Tips and ladies, you can always send out some last minute gift ideas featured here

Haha a good friend of mine sent me this... she just has that kind of sense of humour. 

For those of you who have gotten a UTI before, you can vouch that this means 'a lot'.
They got us with this one. Though sometimes a little bit of the crazy slips out. 

This was me in my less mature years. 

For all the single girls out there. Mama H won't like the language on this one :(
E should have sent me this one haha. 

Hell yeah.. I promise the same

To Mama H and Daddy!
Tulips from my very thoughtful boss

With extra love today,