Thursday, February 9, 2012


Good Morning Everyone! Thursday is usually a good day for me... mainly because it means that tomorrow is Friday and the start of the weekend. I have a couple of birthday parties this weekend, so it may not be as relaxing as I'd like, but with T back, work shouldn't be so hectic. This weekend also marks the start of Valentine's Day. Now I know that Valentine's Day is technically supposed to just be one day, but when it lands on a Tuesday, people tend to start celebrating it on the weekend before. So guys... I hope you're ready for it! If you're not, you may want to brush up on some Valentine's Day Tips like the ones I shared here. And ladies, maybe you should share these tips as well... maybe it will help your guy out, and in turn help YOU out as well. Since I know guys may not always have the best style when it comes to gifts, I have decided to help them out with some inexpensive, yet gorgeous pieces of jewellery that I found online while browsing this morning.  

First is this Eros Ring Set in gold for $50.00. If this doesn't scream Valentine's Day, then I don't know what does. Though the last thing I need is another ring (unless it's a diamond ring) I love how dainty and delicate this ring is. It is so precious and girly and I love stacked rings. Perfect gift for any girl. 

Though a little less conventional, I am a huge fan of nautical pieces and think the detail of this ring really makes it special. The Anchor Ring for $70.00 in gold is still very delicate and can be stacked with many of the other rings featured on the site.  

I LOVE this Double Rope Necklace in gold! As with a ring, the rings on this necklace symbolize everlasting love which is always something a girl wants to hear. Again, it is delicate and girly and would go perfect with any outfit, but looks solid enough and is simple enough to be worn everyday.   

Again, this Tress Heart Ring in silver just screams Valentine's Day. The designs of these rings is perfect because they can be paired with many different pieces from matching rings, to matching earrings, necklaces and bracelets. So, for $30 it's not only the perfect gift for this Valentine's Day, but also opens up options for other matching gifts for other upcoming gifts. 

Another exquisite piece, this Infinity Ring Bracelet is gorgeous. I love everything about it from the double chain, to the intricate infinity ring that is used to join the bracelet together. I love a good everyday bracelet, that can also dress up an outfit, and this is definitely it. For $60 it is a great find. 

This Graham Leather Studded Wrap in Hot Pink is my favourite piece out of all of them. Though I don't know if you would classify it as jewellery, per se, it is fun, and bright, and cute and is absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day. I love the shade of pink against the gold, as well as how it wraps to create a statement. It is the most popular piece on the whole site, and comes in over 20 colours making it adaptable to any taste. I absolutely adore this bracelet and may have to buy one for myself :) For $55, I may have to by myself a couple! 

All jewellery is from Gorjana Reidel, a Yugoslavian pastry chef/engineer/turned jewellery designer. I have included the links for the pieces as well as her website here. Many of the styles are also available on Shopbop. If you didn't like any of the pieces I featured, or don't think they would be right for your girl, don't be discouraged because there are hundreds of beautiful pieces on her site. So guys, no excuses, man up!!!

With Love,