Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go - Part 3

Good Evening! I am in a much better mood than I was in this morning, so I have decided to push myself and do my daily vacation review post. Today's post will be on one of my favourite places; a place that I would absolutely love to live someday. 

Part 3 of S's Travel Reviews: St-Martin

Oh St-Martin, how I love you so! If I could live anywhere in the world, one of my top choices would hands down be St-Martin. There is something special about this island but I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it is. The water seems more turquoise and clear there, the sun seems to shine a bit brighter, and the beer just feels a bit colder. I had visited this island a few times on a cruise before we decided to go for a full week on our yearly girls trip, and ever since then, I have been dying to go back. 

Just me and Ronald, enjoying a baby cone... NBD

Though the staff at the Sonesta Great Bay weren't the friendliest in the world (we actually joked about it since St-Martin is known as the Friendly Island), everything else on the island made up for it. I love the feel of this island. It's like a piece of Europe smack dab in the middle of the Caribbean. I love that you can take a dip in the crystal clear water, and then drive over to the French Side of the island (we stayed on the Dutch side) for a coffee, pasty, or baguette that tastes like it was made in a Café in Paris.

The colours in St-Martin are also something to see. The tropical flowers complement the amazing turquoise colour of the ocean so beautifully, and you wake up almost every morning to the bluest sky you've ever seen. The air smells like salt water and coconut sunscreen, and when you venture over to the French side, there is a lovely smell of coffee wafting in the air from the number of Cafés that are found sprinkled among the stores and restaurants. What we love about visiting islands like St-Martin, is that you can feel free and safe to walk around and explore the sites on your own. One of the afternoons, we even rented a car to drive around and see all the different parts of the island and even visit beaches other than those at our resort.

 It brings a different aspect to a vacation when you are able to get out and explore without it being an organized tourist group... that way, you can really do your own thing. 

It is all of these factors combined so perfectly that make me love St-Martin so much. And, similar to St-Lucia, I could tell you a number of stories of our girls trip that just remind me of all of the good times we've had together. It makes me even more anxious for our trip this year... thinking of the Montreal girls reuniting with the Toronto girls (K is our long lost... but now found, sister) for a week of fun and relaxing in the sun. Our girls trips are so special, and St-Martin was definitely a gorgeous setting for all the fun. 

Until next time St-Martin!

With Love,