Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yes, It's The Life of THREE!!!

I’m BACK Baby!!!

After MONTHS of a lack of internet, my disconnect has come to an end so we are now back to the “Life of Three” rather than the Life of Two… as my dear sisters were threatening to rename it.

It has been a busy time since my last Holiday posts- I was half excited for the holiday season to be over with so that things would calm down… turns out, the holidays had little to do with how busy everyone is- that’s just life!

Although many interesting, special, happy and sad moments have passed since I was last here, I will spare you the 95 page post & stick to the one my colleagues voted on-
Montreal’s “Everything to do with Sex Show.”

This event took place from January 20th-22nd at Place Bonaventure here in Montreal.

What was I expecting?
An over-the-top, risqué, blush-inducing, wild experience filled with performers, demonstrations etc.

What did I get?
A glorified basement sex shop.

Now- I’m not some over-sexed chicky with no boundaries nor am I a prude who covers her eyes during an intense movie love scene. That being said, I was expecting a little more from what was advertised as a racy way of spending the weekend with your lover. Quite frankly, I went with a friend who writes for Rabbit’s Reviews ( so I prepped myself for wild ‘n crazy so I wouldn’t seem like a wimp but I could have attended that event with my grandmother with no shame! (Maybe I’ll bring Nance next year!) Wall-to-wall vibrators, edible underwear and racy art is visible from many storefronts on Ste. Cat’s Street- as for the scantily clad ladies… my female high school students rival those outfits daily!!!

The one positive (or at least interesting) thing were the shows- granted it was the same 3 shows repeated throughout the day- but the men had the ladies in the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs and Ms. Roxi Dlite. Although burlesque is not my favorite, Ms. Dlite knows how to handle that pole!!!

So there you have it fellow friends- if you’re around the next time the show rolls into town, maybe save your $20 and wait til June for the Beerfest- at least if you don’t enjoy yourself there you can drink away your sorrows!!!

Happy almost weekend!