Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Life is Like That...

I guess someone was too busy making sure everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day filled with love, chocolate and flowers therefore leaving me to fend for myself- yes, dear readers… this is a VENTING post!!!

Overall, I am a happy person who tries to count her blessing and not complain too much but I got a clear indication of how my day was going to go when I arrived at work this morning (yes, at a high school with a wealth of critical teenagers) to discover the following:


Yes! At least they were both black and (thank heavens!) the same height!!! So, throwing care to the wind, I wore my mismatched shoes as if it were the latest & greatest in fashion (shhhhhhh S, let’s NOT blow my cover!!!) Now, the shoe blunder wasn’t such a problem until I remembered that I had scheduled a “parents meeting” with a few of the parents whose children I work with- topic: how to maintain a healthy balance in your teens ever-changing world. I made it through the meeting without a hitch… then I asked if anyone had any questions. I hand quickly flew up in the air. Yes, I thought, the information had been pertinent, engaging, maybe even interesting… “Are you wearing two different shoes???” C.R.A.P.

Maybe not the “image of balance” I was hoping to convey to these poor parents :/
Onwards to my afternoon- luckily my boss was able to laugh off my early morning disorganization & we were all able to move on.

Major plan for the afternoon-make brownies for the bf-gotta do SOMETHING for Vday!!! And, be home for the Internet Guy so he could FINALLY hook up my internet/cable (maybe not an exciting event for most but I can PROMISE you that after 6 weeks of waiting to be hooked up to the World Wide Web, it was the highlight of my week!) I was home on time, got the place cleaned up and finally, the phone rang- Videotron Guy was outside!!! In my extreme excitement I bolted out the door to greet the barer of internet… only to realize the following: the oven was ON, my door was wide open, I was in a dress, jacketless and shoeless but very much LOCKED OUT!


Fortunately for me, the story ends there- well almost… I happened to notice a screw driver in the Internet Guy’s tool belt. He saw me see it, handed it to me & muttered “I didn’t give this to you.” I guess I watch a few too many crime shows because with a quick flip of the wrist, there was a small “click” sound and the door flung open. And there you have it! Internet guy was obviously skilled because it was just mere minutes ago that I was committing a B&E on my own home and now here I am telling you all about it :) I hope you day has been happy, healthy, full of love & chocolate!

Much love,