Monday, February 13, 2012

Haters Gone' Hate

Hey everyone! I hope you're Monday is going as fast as mine is... always makes for a good week when the worst day goes by in a flash. Did all of you catch at least a glimpse of the Grammy's last night? Despite the fact that I thought the entire show was a snoozefest (I know that many people don't share my opinion) I thought that last night marked one of the first awards shows where I couldn't pick who my best dressed was. I have narrowed it down to a few, but have not picked one favourite. Since I am also trying to be a more positive person in 2012, I have decided to only feature those who I thought were the best dressed, and avoid posting negative comments about outfits I didn't like. We've all had our worst dressed moments (I've had more than one) so let's not pick on those who made questionable decisions, but rather praise those who didn't. 

Life of Three's Best Dressed at the Grammy's 2012 

T and I disagree about the hair. I think it is a little too 'I'm 13 and trying to rebel' while T thinks it's a nice contrast. Let's agree to disagree. But I think we can all agree that this Elie Saab dress looks phenomenal on the artist formerly known as Mrs. Brand and that she looks beautiful. Her spray tan was a little out of control though... just saying.
I admit, I may be a little partial to Carrie Underwood because she is married to a Canadian Hockey Player, but she is just a vision in this gorgeous Gomez Garcia sparkling gown. She nailed the look with her simple yet elegant hair, and her earrings and make-up are to die for. 

Now in 'why the heck was she there news' I think that Kate Beckinsale looked beautiful in this above the knee silk dress. I thought, at first, that the shoes were a complete mismatch, but then noticed the black bow and changed my mind.
As if she needs any more praise... here is Miss Adele, the winner of the night, in a gorgeous Giorgio Armani gown that looks like it was made for her. I love that she toned down her usual over the top hairstyle and opted for something a little more demure, while glamming it up with the red lips. I hope you're eating your words Karl Lagerfeld.
I've read many mixed reviews about Kelly Osborne's draped sequinned gown, but I love it. As I said earlier, I'm kind of over this whole weird hair colour thing, but she looks gorgeous none the less. 
No words can describe my love, or obsession with Miss Rihanna... so I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves. I think she looks absolutely stunning and she's got a body that just won't quit. The blond hair is.. well... she never did like to conform. I think she nailed this look. Gown by Armiani
I lied... Best dressed of the whole entire night has got to go to these two little ladies. Miss Sophia Grace and Rosie... You girls are the nicest.