Saturday, May 5, 2012

Secondo Giorno

Again... Good Evening, Good Morning, Good Afternoon... I'm lost! I am sitting on my bed, writting a quick post before we take off again for a night out with E's friends. After sleeping close to 11 hours last night, E and I woke up to his phone ringing off the hook (can cell phones ring off the hook?). His cousin arrived this morning from Belgium and we were all having meeting to have lunch. Problem was, it was almost lunch time and I needed to shower, dry my hair and get ready. Well, I managed to (sort of) pull myself together and get ready to meet E's good friend before taking off to his sister's house for lunch. She made her homemade lasagna and I can promise you that you have never tasted lasagna like hers in your life. It was literally melt in your mouth. Even though I was full, she served a strawberry and banana fruit salad that I tried and it was also delicious. Afterwards, E took me to the port to see the city from a different angle. 

 I have to say.. this city is absolutely beautiful. And the food and wine isn't too shaby either. 

I would love to share more about my day... but we're on our way out to have a drink with E's friends, so I will have to do another post in the morning (if I have time). I hope everyone is having a great weekend.