Sunday, May 6, 2012

San Remo - Come è Bello

Good Afternoon Everyone! I am home from a big day of.. well.. eating. It was E's nephew's first communion today and for Italians, it means a day to celebrate with wine and food. From what I've learnt in my few days here, any reason to gather over good food and good wine is a good excuse.. but a first communion is an especially special excuse. I will do a post about it tomorrow, but since I didn't have enough time yesterday, I will post today about E and my day around the city yesterday. Here are a few pictures. 

A little store in the square where they sell spices, bread and nuts

Some Boy Scouts playing Red Rover in the city

The San Remo Casino

Aperitivo... A drink and food before you go to have food and drinks...
T would love it here.. You get a drink and they keep bringing you appetizers before you go out for dinner.

 I just woke up from a nap, and have to get ready to go out. I will do my best to write tomorrow about the lovely day we had today. A domani! Ciao!