Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Good Wednesday Morning Everyone! I know it's been a while since I've done a post (except a few here and there about the upcoming Montreal Pineapple Challenge) but, things have been a little all over the place. We have been going non-stop for the last little while, and haven't been able to set time aside to tend to our very neglected blog. Unfortunately, life is sometime's like that and we can only focus on what's most important... which for us, is family. 

When times get tough, the only people you can really count on to be there are your family... and boy will they be there. I am so lucky to have the sisters (includes some non blood related sisters), parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles that I have who can come and help out when support is needed. 

Despite all that is going on right now, E and I will be leaving tomorrow for Italy to visit his family, who also need him right now. I have never met his family, nor have had the chance to visit Italy during my various trips to Europe, so this will be a very exciting trip for me. We leave tomorrow night and will land in Nice, France, which is about a 30 minute drive to his city. 

Picture of Nice taken from The Travel and Tourism Guide

E's sister will meet us at the airport and we will then make the drive to San Remo, Italy where his friends, his father, two sisters, two brother in laws, three nephews and one niece live. 

An old photo of San Remo 

A picture of San Remo at night

San Remo is a smaller Mediterranean city of about 57,000 residents located in north-western Italy on the Italian Riviera. It is described by travel guide as "a true Italian Riviera, a picturesque city located on the coast of Ligurian Sea, which is widely known as the beloved place of rest for the members of royal families and aristocrats." I can live with that :) 

Depending on how things go, E has told me that we may be able to visit a couple other cities. There are so many places to visit in Italy, but because we are only there for a short time, I think I will have to choose between:


Cinque Terre

I have asked around, and still have not made my decision. Any suggestions? I know they are all beautiful and very different places to visit, but with my limited time, I won't be able to visit them all. Though I am extremely excited to be going to Italy, as I am always thrilled to get to travel and experience new things... I am sad to be leaving my family. I know it is just ten days, but I will miss them dearly and will be thinking of them the whole time. I will try to do some posts while there, but my internet may be limited so it may have to wait until I get back. I am still not packed (I like to live on the edge) so tonight will be a little bit hectic. I wish everyone a very good rest of the week and a relaxing weekend. 

With Love,