Monday, April 30, 2012

How lucky can I Get???

Really, I apologize for perhaps a "boring" post for the most of you but really, I just spent the evening with my sisters (plus husband, plus boyfriends plus friends) and in in addition to the fact that I was fed an amazingly delicious meal (thank you E!,) it was just so great to get back to spending time with my sisters!

(Sisters + Surrogate Shan)

As many of you have read, (thank you S for keeping others posted) we have been going through a difficult time in our personal lives therefore devoting time to creative, interesting posts has gone to the back-burner... but, if I am going to take the time to write about something, it is the gratitude I have towards my family! S, T, parents & the gparents- there are no words- I LOVE YOU!

Message to T: gear up! Next weekend: PINEAPPLE CHALLENGE (Team: "Life of Three")  Jude- this is for you!!!

Stay tuned!