Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh How We Showered Her

As I have mentioned several times before, this is the year of the wedding for me as many of my friends are taking that fateful walk down the aisle in the next few months. We all know however that the wedding itself is the cherry on top of all the other preceding events- showers, Jack ‘n Jills, bachelorettes etc. In fact, between friends who are getting married and those who have taken the next step and are now awaiting a baby, my weekends are fully booked with various events.

This past weekend was no different. Twenty-two of us gathered to surprise my very dear friend KE with her “vintage” themed bridal shower. Her MOH (her sister) did a FANTASTIC job of organizing everyone/everything and brought the lovely theme to life.

A special bridal shower banner
A desperate housewives apron
Some bridal shower candies
Some cute little gifts for the guests
And last, but most definitely not least, what is a shower without the desert!
So here's to you KE- I love you dearly & hope you had a wonderful time...
Next up- THE WEDDING!!!

Much love