Thursday, March 1, 2012

Let's Compare

Good morning everyone! Happy we're-really-close-to-Friday day!!!
I received a text message yesterday afternoon letting me know that a) they arrived safe and sound and b) it was HOT, HOT, HOT there! (Thanks S- very kind of you...)

Now, I had not allowed myself to look at this prior to their departure because I knew how painful and sad that would have been however, last night, I lost the battle and after enjoying a lovely dinner with two dear, dear friends... I caved! (Honestly it was a sick and twisted situation because throughout dinner I could hear the meteorologist warning us about the snowstorm that was on its way... but still, I wanted to know just how much better their current situation was compared to mine!)

This is what I found...
They arrived in the early afternoon therefore I would assume that they enjoyed a nice cocktail while overlooking the ocean.

Given that it is already 9am- I can guarantee that my mom at least is up, out of bed & securing her lawn chair down on the beach.

Honestly, the two pictures posted above made me jealous but this one is the real doosy! The picture posted below is of the off-resort island which belongs to the Sandals resort... drop me off & leave me there... no problem!!!!

I am sure that my sisters will have gorgeous pictures to post for your viewing pleasure (or their need to brag) upon their return but for the moment- let's live vicariously!!!
Cause living my life right now looks a lot like this...

Much love

*All photos are of Sandals Nassau and were taken from *