Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go - Part 4

Good Friday Morning Everyone! It is so awesome that it is Friday today and that the weekend is finally upon us. The days dragged on this week and I felt like it was never going to end; that the weekend would never come. But here we are, at the finish line and I am so excited to have the next two days 'off'. I am going to have a busy weekend, but hopefully I will at least get a little bit of time to myself. For today's vacation post, I'm going to stay a little closer to home. 

                                 Part 4 of S's Travel Reviews: Niagara Falls

As someone who was born and raised in Canada, I was kind of embarrassed that I had never been to Niagara Falls. Well, that's not entirely true, Mama H did take me on a trip with her mom when I was a baby, but I hadn't been there on a trip that I remembered. So, I was absolutely thrilled when T surprised me on a trip to Oakville by telling me we would be going away for a night in Niagara Falls. She wanted to do something special for me to thank me for my work as maid of honour, and she honestly couldn't have planned a better trip. I was so excited when we woke up on the Saturday morning and she told me to pack because we would be going to Niagara. If you haven't been, it is honestly a beautiful place with some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered. All of these aspects also make it the perfect place to go for a romantic getaway. When we asked for people to take our picture... they looked kind of curious as to what was the nature of our relationship, which is why T and I called this our 'couples retreat'. 

My first time seeing the falls. I was honestly blown away with how powerful they were.

I kept wanted to take pictures to show how beautiful the scenery was. 

I was determined to play tourist while there, and T was a good sport and played along as well... even though she had been there before. I love going to new places, and I don't care that sometimes I look like... well... an idiot. 

I regret not buying this hat :(

T spared no expensive for our trip, and booked a room at the Crowne Plaza that had a balcony and a view of the falls. It was so lovely being able to step out and hear the roar of the falls. Surprisingly enough, when you closed the balcony door, you heard nothing. I guess the hotels have figured out that, even though the falls are nice to listen to, you don't have to be hearing them all night. 

T on our balcony... Couldn't believe how close we were.

After our long day of walking around, T surprised me with an outing to the spa. We had an amazing massage in a room overlooking the falls followed by a mani/pedi. It was definitely a very nice surprise. 

The next day we were off to do a wine tour at the Pellar Estates in Niagara on the Lake. I had down many wine tours while living in South Australia, but this one was really something. They took us on a tour of the beautiful property, and explained a lot of the process of how they actually make the wine which was fascinating. 

The beautiful property
After the wine tour, we drove into the town to enjoy a quick lunch and walk around. Honestly, Niagara on the Lake is such a beautiful, quaint little town and a great place to take a vacation. There is so much to do and so much to see. I have such fond memories of this trip that I would like to return at point this summer with the boys and hopefully K as well. I think it would be a really nice getaway for all of us. There is also something to do for everyone. The entire weekend was just so special and I truly enjoyed every aspect of it from the spa to the wine... my sister knows me too well! 

I threw this picture in for good measure... and also because I can never look at it without laughing.

With Love,