Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Want To Go There

Because I am a sucker for clothes and shopping online, and because I need a break from the numbers and macros that I've been staring at all day, here are some things I have found on the Alice and Olivia site that I want... no neeeeeed for my trip to the Bahamas. LOVE

First is this gorgeous and flowy and yummy Mid-Length Strapless Dress in Khaki. I just love the light and fresh look of this dress and can totally picture myself wearing it at dinner in Nassau while sipping on a glass of bubbly. I have a pair of nude shoes that would look AMAZING with this dress... 

Though I'm not such a fan of knee-high socks, I do think this Rita Dress would look awesome with a pair of black tights and my new Steve Madden shoes that I bought in Vegas. I may have one, or two black dresses, but none like this one. I think it would be great for fall and winter and could be worn to work if worn over tights and paired with the proper accessories. 

This look just screams 'dinner in the Caribbean' to me. I love the wide-leg pants and this Addi Sequin Tank Top. The look is classy, but simple, and the big floppy hat gives the look a more retro feel. 

Umm, Hi Alice and Olivia, Mad Men called... they want their dress back. Though they have paired this dress with a more modern pair of tights and heels, this dress is very similar to one that is worn by Don's new wife in Season 4. Being the huge fan of mad men that I am, I love this dress and know that I could totally pull it off... maybe I would leave my muff at home though :)

This Eva Strapless Dress is perfection. The material looks so light and airy and I am in love with the slight sweetheart neckline that dips down just low enough to be flirty, while not being too risqué. The light colours aren't in your face, and are just enough to spice this dress up enough to be worn during the day, or at night. This would be perfect for my Birthday, which I will be celebrating with the girls while down south.