Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why Are You Wearing So Much Clothes?

"Why are you wearing so much clothes?"
"Excuse me?"
"In those pictures you sent me from Vegas... Why are you wearing so much clothes?"

This is how a recent conversation went with a co-worker of mine and I after I sent her some pictures of E and I in Vegas. The funny part is, she wasn't asking this because I was overdressed for the weather, but because I was overdressed for Vegas. Let me clarify: overdressed here means not enough skin showing, not overdressed in the too fancy sense. Yes my friends, I am a prude when it comes to dressing up to go out. And in a place like Vegas, where no one thinks twice about a girl wearing a bikini and heels to a club, I stuck out like a crocodile at an alligator convention (family guy reference, look it up). Now, I'm not saying that I won't rock a bikini at the beach, but at the club... no thanks. Girls in Vegas seem to take 'less is more' a little too literally, but I'm not one of those girls. Listen, I'm all for 'if you've go it flaunt it', but to a point. I prefer to dress a little less... Vegas and a little more... Montreal. So, because I have been promising a Vegas outfit post for a while... and because this coversation recently came up, I thought I would finally stay true to my word. So here it goes.

Because I promised to post what I wore on the plane, here is it. I know you can't see the lower half, but it's just a pair of black leggings with a pair of black Toms like the ones you see here. I paired the leggings with a pale pink linen shirt from Club Monacco, my big blanket scarf (that I would marry if that wasn't weird) and a my favortie leather jacket from Danier. My sunglasses are Gucci and I am carrying a large 'Longchamp Pliage' Travel Bag. As I mentioned, I am always freezing on the plane, so the key to not freezing or overheating, is layering. The coffee is curtosy of McDonald's.

Sorry for the bight picture, but E was taking these pictures and he isn't exactly a fashion photographer :) You can see by this outfit that I definitely don't dress Vegas. I would like to start of by giving an honorable mention to the tights I am wearing. After years of searching for the perfect pair of tights I have finally found them. They are these in black, and are the perfect pair of tights. They are thick, not see-through, but still have a 'tights' feeling, and have a soft inside that creates a padding that makes wearing high heels less painful. The skirt is a shorter version of this Herve Leger Signature Essential Bandage Mini Skirt and the blush top is a billowy, silk shirt from H and M. The blazer, that I bought at the massive Zara at the Fashion Show Mall, is a great find. It is not too light, not too heavy and can easily dress up any outfit, or transition from day to night. I also love the single white and gold button.

Background curtosy of the Venetian. For our night to Tao, I chose this Roxy Beca dress because it's so easy to wear. Though it looks a little different in the photo, the bottom is a coral/orange and the top is charcoal. As a sidenote, a passerbyer stopped while I was posing for this picture with a stunned looked on her face, turned, and 'whispered' to her husband "Who the f**k puts a Louis Vuitton on the floor?". I do lady! Geez, didn't mean to offend you, and in my defense, Vegas is very clean. ANYWAY...I wore the dress with my new favorite tights (before you judge, they were only $4.50 so I bought a couple pairs) with my Zara blazer, my adored forever 21 necklace and these shoes that I had purchased that same day at Steve Madden:

I know they look high, but they are actually very comfortable. The tights made it easy to walk in them and stretch them out... sometimes shoes aren't as comfortable the first time out. Surprisingly, I didn't fall, not even once!

Even though I didn't get the chance to wear it, sad times I know, I bought this amazing assymetrical Zara skirt, also at the Fashion Show Mall. I wish I had got a better picture so I could give it justice, but this skirt is going to be one of my most worn items this spring/summer so I'm sure I will get lots of great shots. It is light and flowy, looks amazing with heels, and can also be paired with tights. Honestly, if there is a Zara near you, go check it out... it comes in an amazing forest greene as well.  

And for all the guys out there, a shoutout to E. Being European, I never have to say things like 'are you sure you want to wear those grey tappered sweats to the movies?' and he always knows how to dress well for any occasion. Here he is wearing a Club Monacco white dress shirt with a thin charcoal pin-stripe and a black blazer. I know you can't see them, but he has paired them these Emerson Vintage Chinos from Banana Republique. I don't remember which shoes he was wearing... and he probably wouldn't either, but I'm sure they were nice too :) 

So there you have it, my Vegas fashion post I have been promising. I would also like to note that I have been so good at going to the gym lately, that maybe next time I will be able to wear this to the club :)

Happy Wednesday!

With Love,