Thursday, February 2, 2012

Big Announcements... For Real This Time

Good Thursday Morning everyone! So, I have been holding back on two announcements for the past couple of days and am finally able to share them with you. I hesitated calling them 'big announcements', because last time I did, I got criticism saying that the annoucement wasn't big enough. Well, since there are two annoucements being clumped into one post, I hope that if you don't find them big annoucements, together you will find them significant enough. Firstly, I want to share with you that we have finally acquired the domain name , which should be easier to remember :). I have recently got complaints about the new domain name being too long, so hopefully this one will be easier to remember. You can still use the blogspot address as well.


Second announcement, and I am hoping that you will find this one to be a big one, I am being featured on the main page of The Huffington Post's Style Page. When I first found out that they were going to be featuring my winter style on their page, I kind of thought it would be a small article, hidden amongst other articles. But low and behold, I checked the Huffington Post this morning, as I do everyday, only to see my picture front and center. The picture was taken for my 'Love Where you Live' post and showcased winter style. I am happy that they used my picture as the feature for the article, and love how they even gave credit to E for snapping the great picture. So please, head on over to Huffington Post to check out fashion from coast to coast. I better be off now, but have a great day and don't forget to check it out at

With love,


  1. Sara! That is so great!! amazing actually. thats a big deal. congrats! cant wait to see it!

  2. Congratulations Sara!!! Will check it out!!

  3. That's so cool Sarah! Xx steph

  4. Props my love so happy for you:)

    1. Thanks Roz! Missed you at dinner last night :( S