Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sisterly (and brotherly) Love

Good afternoon everybody! I will be back later today with a Vegas fashion post, as promised, but wanted to stay true to my new year's resolution of being a better blogger and decided to check in with a quickie post. With everyone back from all their holiday vacations,  it's been a very hectic morning today at the office. I have been running left and right and could not believe when my collegue stood up and asked if I wanted to join him for lunch. "Lunch? Isn't it like 10?" .... He looked a me like I was a nutbag and said "Nooooo it's past noon you weirdo!". Well, as the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun... haha. ANYWAY, I realized I was running so much and hadn't taken a break at all, so I thought it would be good for me to switch my work brain off for a little and recharge by writting. So writting it is.

Last night when I got home from work, E texted me saying that he would be trying a new class at the gym and asked if I wanted to go. I was exhausted from my day, and even though I probably should have gone to the gym, I just couldn't get myself motivated so I kindly declined the invite. Besides... I had noooo idea where my running shoes were ;) I opted out and told him I would just chill and maybe watch a movie. T called shortly after that to talk about work (my other work) and to say that she and B would be going on a date night to this restaurant we used to go to that recently converted to a BYOB. So I, being the little bratty sister I am :P, replied with a very sad "Oh, that's nice. E is out, so I guess I'll just make myself a bowl of cereal". I was joking... of course... but T, being the good big sister she is, would never just let  me eat cereal all by myself so she invited me along. I told her I was kidding and that I didn't want to ruin their date night, but she insisted and said they would be by shortly to pick me up. Lucky she did, because I was about to send her this picture of me drinking solo:

I threw on some clothes and was out the door. On the way there, K called B to ask him a question about the internet and said that her BF was out watching the hockey game. Well, being the good brother he is, B wouldn't have it and invited K along too and she, as I did, threw on an outfit and was out the door. Now, instead of there being one 3rd wheel on their date night, they would also have a 4th! We arrived at the restaurant a few minutes before K, and B was very happy to see that they had the hockey game on the TV so he could watch as we chatted. And boy did we chat! I hadn't seen K since before Vegas, so we caught up, drank wine, and laughed a lot. As I mentioned here, sometimes the best nights are the ones that aren't planned; the spontaneous 'come for dinner' texts can turn a plain, boring, Wednesday night into a great night with loved ones.

So there you have it, that's the story of how I ruined T&B's date night :) Sorry guys! I love being with my sisters, and brother and am so happy that we are close and get to have these nights together. Not many people have a family like mine, I know this and I know how truly blessed I am. Well, this quickie post turned out a little longer than I wanted it to be, sorry... But before I go, I'd like to give a shoutout to our 4th sistah K. We miss her dearly and wish she lived closer so she could join us in our spur of the moment dinners. We'll see her soon though, and we'll open up a bottle of champagne when we do :)  Have a great Thursday afternoon everyone!
With Love,