Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Food and Loafing in Las Vegas

Good afternoon everyone! I hope that everyone is having a lovely Wednesday and that you're all happy the weekend is on its way... we all I know that I love me a good weekend, especially a 'weekend after coming home from a trip to Vegas' weekend. As I promised, I am writing another Vegas post to share some more pictures, but it will be a themed post. The theme: Food, Glorious Food. If you like to eat, then Vegas is the place for you. Whatever your fancy, they've got it in Vegas! Though I have to admit, I forgot my other memory card at home, I did have some pictures on my other camera and so my food post will be in 2 parts. Bon Appetit!

Tao Restaurant and Nightclub Las Vegas: our second night in Vegas we ate at the insanely popular Tao restaurant. Now, I am going to try and filter my opinion on this one to avoid sounding like a bitter 60 year old who has a bad hip instead of the 24 year old that I am. To begin, we originally made our reservation at 9:00 but then changed it to 9:30 because we decided to go for a drink at the bar there beforehand. We got there at 9:00 and told the hostess we had arrived and would be waiting at the bar. The music was way too loud and the bar was way too crowded for a restaurant... ooops, there's the 60 year old... K, back on track. The bar was cool and filled with beautiful, well-dressed 30 something's who all looked like they were only there so they wouldn't have to wait in the insanely long line that was already forming outside for the nightclub. We had a drink, then another... then another... and at 10:15, I was tired and starving. Luckily, we met an older gentlemen at the bar who gave up his seat after seeing that I was wearing impossibly impractical 6 inch heels. Thank you sir... much appreciate. A few minutes later, a waitress holding menus came to find us and led us upstairs to a really nice table right at the glass overlooking the giant stone statue you see above, which was sitting atop a pond with giant Koi.

All of my negativity melted away when we sat down and our lovely table and were greeted by the friendliest waitress you could find. We ordered a few things (too many if you ask me) to share, and E ordered his own Sushi... I'm sure it's delicious, but it just looks.. slimy :P

Love me some edamame :)

Overall I found Tao to easily be summed up in one word: overated. I found it too loud and crowded downstairs and in the nightclub, and even though the food was good... it was overpriced, even for Vegas standards.

Stripburger: tucked away on the North Side of the Fashion Show Mall on the strip, is Stripburger. My meal here was, surprisingly, one of the best I had my entire time in Vegas. We stopped here on a whim... well actually after hunger hit on a very long shopping trip and I was pleasantly surprised. Though the beers were a little big:

Look how big it is! Took too hands :)

Enough with the beers though, let's move on the the important part: the burgers! Since I only started eating red meat a few months ago, I still only eat it a couple times a month and so when I do eat it... it better be good! Well, Stripburger was well worth it! I think I've only eaten a burger in a restaurant once or twice before, but this one was amazing... honestly, awesome! I opted for the trio of Mini Burgers, because I saw someone else's burger and decided they would be easier to handle. They also make sharing easier... and I had to share!

Please note: the salad on the side instead of fries... heck yeah we can be healthy!!!

While E opted for something a little .... bigger ....

Did he finish it you ask... Of course he did! He's a meat eating man and he would never leave food on his plate... Challenge accepted Stripburger!

I'll drink to that! E didn't mind lifting his... He loves working out!

I absolutely LOVED Stripburger. Our waiter was so friendly and helpful, the food was fresh and delicious and the prices were good. I would recommend it for lunch and shopping break, that is... if you can drag yourself away from the mall for a bite.

Rainforest Cafe MGM Grand: I know I know... the rainforest cafe is a big, hyped up, overpriced, overated scham. It's also a place full of kids, which is why I knew E would like it :)

We ate there for breakfast one morning (the only place in our hotel, besides the buffet that had sit-down breakfast) and we actually had a really fun time. I love the fact that we were seating next to the water fall and that every ten minutes there would be a 'thunder storm' that would send the 'animals' into a frenzy. The kids would all look around... terrified for a moment, but then in amazement, as the Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Snakes, Birds and Elephants all made a big ruccus and the lights flickered on and off. It was fun... plain and simple. The food was good, the restaurant itself is a show, and we throughly enjoyed ourselves... this monkey especially

Have a great Wednesday afternoon everyone! I'll be back tomorrow with a Vegas Fashion Post. I hope you didn't drool too much on your keyboard :)
With Love,