Monday, January 16, 2012

Home Sweet Home?

Just kidding! Though it is always nice to get away and travel, I have to say that it is also nice coming home. Even if coming home means coming from Sunny 18 degree Vegas weather to snowy, cold and grey -29 Montreal weather. Oh well! Gotta make the best of it I guess :) 

Sad times :(

On the bright side, E and I had an absolutely amazing time in Vegas. I mean, really, everything just went so smoothly and I think that we both can say we had an incredible time. When we arrived at the airport on Thursday morning, I was under the impression that we were transferring in TO so I wasn’t in a huge rush to get the airport since we were a bit early. When we got there, however, we were told that they had room on the direct flight so we wouldn’t be transferring. Lucky for us the airport was dead and we flew right through security and customs. Within 20 minutes of arriving at the airport, we were sitting at our gate enjoying a nice cup of coffee. The flight was smooth and we arrived early, just after lunch, which was great.

After my airport style post, I promised I would do a post about what I wore on the plane. Well, as you can see, my style is more comfort and less stylish. No Lady Gaga 6 inch heels or Kim K over the knee boots for me my friends. I opt for the laid back legging and big comfy scarf look. Just as an FYI my leggings are from Zara and are theee best I have ever found. Also, I was in heaven when I found this blanket scarf (also from Zara) the day before I left. It is huge and was perfect for keeping me warm on the plane.

We checked in at the MGM and went to our room to drop off our bags, change and then we were out the door to explore. I honestly love being with people when they are visiting a place they have never been to. I love how wide their eyes get while they are seeing it all for the first time and trying to soak it all in. I was so excited for E that I think couldn’t get out of the hotel fast enough. We grabbed a quick lunch and then headed out to explore for a little while before headed back to our hotel for a couples massage. It was sooooo soooo soooo nice and exactly what I needed.

Just before my massage... I'm sure they frown upon cameras in the changing room, but no one else was around ... I promise.

After that, we went back to our hotel to relax and shower before heading out to see Ka by Cirque du Soleil. I’ve seen about 10 CDS and I have to say, Ka was one of the BEST. It was a beautiful story, with incredible music and the stunts were… well, let’s just say that no one does it quite like Cirque du Soleil. Being from Italy, E had never been to a Cirque and I think he was pretty impressed.


The show ended late, and we were pretty tired from the traveling, so we walked around for a little while and then headed back to the room. We were too tired to go out to the clubs, but not too tired for a hotel room party!

Overall it was a great first day. I will write a few more Vegas posts this week and I PROMISE I will post better pictures, but have to get back to the ‘stack’ of emails that are waiting for me as well as the messages on my phone. So happy Monday everyone!

 With Love,