Monday, January 16, 2012

Vegas Baby: Day 1 In Photos

Good Afternoon! I thought that, since it's a bit quieter in the office this afternoon, I would post a few pictures from our first day in Vegas. Most of them are of E, since his memory card is in his camera at home, but there are some pretty good shots from our first day. The smile on E's face in most of these is priceless; a true indication of how happy he is. Enjoy!

The quintessential Vegas picture! Everyone needs to take a picture of this sign... even if it's just the sign for a gift shop. As a side note, E isn't wearing a manpurse, but a camera carrying case... he played super tourist the entire time and I LOVED IT! It is so much fun playing tourist... and super tourist is that much more fun. LOVE

One of the things I really love about Vegas, besides the obvious, are the colors. I love how much of a contrast it is to the cold greys and whites we are so used to in Mtl. Don't get me wrong, Mtl is beautiful in the summer, but this has got nothin' on Vegas:

This is just depressing. When I tell people from warmer climates that I'm from Mtl, they say 'oh wow! You're so lucky! The snow must be sooooo beautiful!' ... Really? Yes, the snow is beautiful when it is coming down at night and you're warm and cozy in front of a fire. Or when it's freshly fallen and glistening in the moonlight. But I don't think these workers, working outside in the -30 weather are thinking 'wow this snow is beautiful!' But maybe I'm wrong ...

Supertourist! Here to save the day! Haha.. I'm joking, he was so cute with his camera. Though he's wearing a jacket here, he took it off about 5 seconds later and then I was stuck carrying it around for the day in my bag. Convenient how men don't carry purses... very convenient. Here he is outside of New York New York. I have never been outside, but I love watching people on the roller coaster looking terrified.

With the Chinese New Year upon us, all of the hotels were decorated in honor of this celebration. The colors were that much more vibrant and the displays were spectacular. This dragon was in the lobby gardens at the Wynn and was only a small part of the massive decor. The use of the deep reds, bright yellows, shiny golds and jewel-tone purples against the greenenry and the lights was breathtaking, especially at night. Beauty.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the whole entire trip. That smile melts my heart and makes me so happy. He was so excited to be in Vegas and I was so happy to get to experience it with him. Behind him is the massive wall of water at the outdoor bar at the Wynn; our last stop before heading back for our massage.

Well, that's it for now. I will do a Vegas Food and Fashion post tomorrow, but just wanted to share some of these. Have a wonderful afternoon and a great night.

With love,