Friday, December 16, 2011

This Is Why I'm Broke

It’s Friday. It’s Friday. It’s Friday. It’s Friday. It’s Friday….. It’s FRIDAY! As usual, I am so excited that it is Friday. But it’s not just any Friday; it’s ‘less than ten days before Christmas’ Friday, it’s ‘my mom’s big girls Christmas dinner party’ Friday, it’s ‘office Christmas lunch party’ Friday, AND it’s ‘one of my best friends who I’ve known since we were 3 25th birthday’ Friday. Phew… Hope I didn’t forget anything :)

After work yesterday, E and I went to get the last little things for his nieces and nephews in Italy. His brother will be going home for the Holidays and will pack them and take them for us, giving us a little more time than if they had to go in the mail. Those got wrapped last night, despite my laziness. With Christmas just over a week away, I am finally almost done the rest of my Christmas shopping as well. Though I love being in the stores on Christmas Eve Day, my love is limited to the years when my Christmas shopping is done, wrapped, and under the tree, and I’m just browsing; making sure I didn’t miss out on the perfect gift for anyone. Yes, when it’s you shopping it sucks. The stores are packed, the lines are long, and the salespeople are sick and tired of it all. BUT if you’re all done, you can wander the stores and finally take in the decorations, the babies sitting on Santa, and all the other stuff you missed out on while on a mission to get everything on your list crossed off.  Well, for those of you who aren’t as ahead of the game as I am, a friend of mine sent me a link to this amazing website full of gift ideas appropriately named They have everything from the ‘OMG I have to have that’ to the ‘Who in their right mind would buy that?’. I could literally spend hours browsing through all the crazy things that people have come up with. Here are a few of my favorites:


Price tag: $130,000. Admit it, this would be awesome! Imagine being at the beach and seeing someone with one of these? You would be MAD jealous. I feel like I would crash into that cliff of rocks, but I'm sure they provide proper training when you purchase this... right?

 Price tag: $55,000. Though I never did get the whole 'tron' thing, I do get why this is cool. I mean, I'm not a fan of motorcycles, but I think I would feel pretty damn cool riding this one. Also, compared the the water jet pack I feel like this is a better bang-for-your-buck. More 'practical' when compared to the other ridiculously impractical items.

 Price tag: $660.20. Again, pretty good bang-for-your-buck. I also love the caption they have below it reading 'no bachelor pad would be complete without this coffee table aquarium' as if this should be every guy's big move when he's trying to bring a girl home from a club: "Hey, wanna come back to my place? I've got a coffee table that doubles as an aquarium... and if you're good, I might even let you feed my fish ;)" CREEPY

Price tag: $299.95. Now, this one is pretty funny. I get it, it's a sleeping bag that makes it look like the shark is eating you ha ha.. ha. But, for $300, I don't think it's worth the money. I guess if you have someone who really likes practical jokes.. but it's a pretty expensive practical joke.

Price tag: $8.34. Now this one, I totally get. GLOW IN THE DARK BUBBLES! As a kid, I would have been alllll over these. I love(d) bubbles, and I think having glow in the dark bubbles wouldn't have made me the coolest kid on the block.

Price tag: $28.95. Just what every girl needs: a creepy fake man to sleep with at night. If you're single and you have one of these, then you'll probably want to count on being single for a while. Also, if a guy ever does come over, please hide it or he'll think you're a stage 5 clinger and will be gone faster than you can say 'oh, that thing... my friend's bought it for me as a joke.. ha ... ha'.

Honorable Mentions:

Square ice cream scoop, should be on every ice cream lover's must-have list... but probably isn't. People might find it cool (excuse the pun) for a minute, but it would then sit in your utensil drawyer with other gimmicks such as the slap chop and the easy cracker.

And who doesn't want to smell like Play Doh? Spray this on and you'll have every pre-schooler on the block chasing you down.

"Go the F**k To Sleep' .. the perfect gift for every mother of a 2 year old.

Jelly fish aquarium. K, I kind of want one.

So, if you have someone in your life who simply COULD NOT live without a $130,000 water jet-pack… well now they don’t have to. Look around, I promise you’ll get a few laughs.

With love,