Friday, December 23, 2011

Family Stoned

I cannot believe I’m saying this… but it’s FRIDAY! Again! But not just any Friday, because tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Yay yayayayayayayayayayayay! I am so excited for tomorrow it’s crazy. I am feeling a bit better today, though still congested, but I did manage to get ALL my wrapping done last night and am super relieved to be able to cross it off my to do list. I sat down with a nice cup of tea, and one of my favorite holiday movies: The Family Stone. It may not be a traditional Christmas movie, but if you ever feel overwhelmed by your family, watch it and you’ll feel better… I promise. I love SJP in this movie. She is so good at being awkward and cold. I spend half of the movie cringing for her; secondhand embarrassment at its best. I laugh, I cry… I love it.

I came into work today and not only is it a short day, but its dead around here. I took NyQuill to sleep, and therefor had to take DayQuill to be able to function, and now I feel like my head is under water. I hope this cold is gone by the weekend, because I would hate to 'miss' this Christmas doped up on the 'quill. This may be happening though:


I have also compiled a list of VERY last minute gift ideas; just in case you forgot anyone. All of them are around $50 and are sure to please.

Bag and dress both from TopShop for the Bay and are around $50. Perfect for a Holiday party or for work. I have seen the bag in person and it's good quality and matches pretty much anything.

I love a good quilted jacket and this one, also from TopShop for the Bay, is younger than most. Perfect in the fall or on a rainy spring day. It is on sale from $90 to $40. The necklace is from Banana Republic and is $50. It would be great paired with a plain dress or even just to dress up a white t-shirt with jeans and a blazer.

Though I'm useless when it comes to makeup... both my sister K and sister in law K love makeup and sister in law K used to work as a makeup artist. This Nars gift set is so nice and comes with the perfect combination of must haves. For $39 at Sephora, it's the perfect gift set for a friend. The Lavanilla gift set is lovely. It has a soft touch of vanilla without being overwhelming and the scent actually stays on your skin. $48 at Sephore.

With the dry air this winter, everyone needs a good hair product. Bumble and Bumble quench will give your hair the perfect amount of moisture without making it greasy. This gift set is $35 and is worth every penny. And for that man in your life there is the Ralph Lauren Polo Scent Gift set. With 4 amazing smells to choose from, he'll never get bored. The bottles are small but at only $45 it's worth it.

I'll be back with a Christmas Eve post tomorrow!
With Love,