Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If They're Angels, Then Why Do They Make Me Feel So Bad About Myself

I’m totally kidding. I’m definitely not one of those girls, full of jealousy and rage, who sits down once a year to watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show only to b**ch about it the entire time.  Instead, I take it for what it is; a 1 hour lingerie commercial filled with the most beautiful women you have ever seen. It may be over the top and ridiculous, but it is what it is. It’s a one hour special for teenage boys to drool over (ok and grown men) and to make women everywhere want to buy their product. I will be the first to admit that I get mildly disappointed every time I go shopping there and don’t see Miranda Kerr’s body in my reflection in the mirror. But I do shop there, so mission accomplished. But hey, we can’t all be blessed with the same gift… I got… ummm… the ability to… well I’m really good at Jeopardy :).  Let’s give them some credit because, even though they were blessed with good genes, they do work hard for those bodies and do have to claw their way to the top to become the most coveted kind model in the world… the ‘Angel’.  They spend months preparing for this one night, and even admitted to being on a liquid only diet for weeks before. Let me be honest, if I had a body like them, I would wanna rock it onstage in front of millions to show it off too! I’m sorry, but I need my carbs.

*Picture curtosy of CBS

 Speaking of which, while watching said fashion show last night, I decided that I would make homemade Focaccia. I don’t know what enticed me to do this, because part of me wanted to start a crash diet or never eat again, but I thought it would be a nice surprise for E when he got home. Even though I am not Italian, I am getting quite good at making Italian dishes and had heard that Focaccia was a relatively easy bread to make.  So I got out E’s cook book, all of the ingredients and a glass of red wine and I started to make my Focaccia. What I hadn’t thought of, was the fact that it takes an hour to rise and E was going to be home in less than that, so my plan was foiled. He was, however, pleasantly surprised to see the dough rising on the counter when he got home.

Before I could get it in the oven, I got a text from Miss D asking E and I to join her and a friend for dinner/drinks. And even though I was in sweats, hands covered in flour and pretty tired, I decided to be spontaneous and go. E was down so we quickly threw on some nicer clothes and headed out the door and I’m really glad we did! We had such a great time. We laughed a lot, had a delicious meal and it was so nice seeing them. Sometimes, it’s the last minute ‘join us’ texts that can turn a boring Tuesday night into a great night. Even though we got home quite late, I decided to cook the Focaccia so it would be ready for me to bring some to the office today. It turned out pretty good and I plan on making some more this evening. I will follow the same recipe, but may try a caramelized onion or olive bread to spice it up a little. I’ll let you know how it goes.

 *Finished product!

Happy Wednesday everyone! One day closer to Friday  :)

With Love,