Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cozy Cozy

It’s Thursday… already… I’m not complaining because Thursday means it’s almost Friday, I just cannot believe how fast the days have started to fly by. Forget the days, today is December 1st, how did that happen? With the first day of December came our first real day of cold. There’s nothing like waking up and checking your weather app, only to see a big -5 on the screen. A bit of a shock at 6:30 in the morning but whatevs, I’m born and raised in Montreal, so I can handle it. Besides, -5 is nothing, just wait until January when the big guns come out and that -5 turns into a -25. There’s something nice about this kind of cold, however, which makes me not mind it so much. It’s not the kind of cold that makes you fear the outside, but rather the kind of cold that makes you want to be inside and cozy. I love being cozy. I love putting on a warm pair of pajamas with a sweatshirt and cuddling under a warm blanket in front of the TV. Though I’m a true summer girl at heart, I did miss cozy nights when I lived in Australia and didn’t have them. Something about the 35 degree weather just doesn’t scream ‘cozy’, but maybe that’s just me. Last night was definitely a cozy night. It was chilly and windy outside and all I wanted to do was chill out and be warm. E & I didn’t have anything on after work, which rarely happens, making it the perfect night to make a hot meal and just relax by the TV. We decided on steak with a steamed green bean and tomato salad and it was exactly the meal I was craving. I am not a big red meat eater, having been a vegetarian and then chicken only eater for a few years, but once in a while I crave it. As E cooked, I set the table and found something for us to watch on TV.

 As soon as we finished eating, we moved from the table to the couch to finish our show. It was so warm and I was just so happy to not be out in the cold windy weather. I could hear the wind and the branches hitting the window, making it even nicer to be inside. The best (and coziest) part was that E was sporting his new red reindeer jingle jammies, an early Christmas gift from me, that made the whole night even cozier.  We just sat with a glass of red wine and watched our show until it was time for bed… perfection.  We had a little bit of a lost in translation moment though, which tends to happen a lot with us considering English is E’s 4th language. But it always makes me smile. As we were watching our show, he asked me how I was. My answer: “Cozy, Cozy”. The problem is, “Cosi, Cosi” which sounds the same, means so-so in Italian. E followed up with a ‘why what’s wrong?’ which caused a bit of confusion until he explained the misunderstanding. We have a lot of these haha.

*Check out that jingle jammie pose and how he's totally rocking them :)

I have a busy day today, and plan on Christmas shopping with my dad after work so I better get going. I want to have a game plan for the stores so I don’t wander around aimlessly only to leave the mall empty handed. I will be back tomorrow with a TGIF post. Have a great day!

With love,