Thursday, March 13, 2014


I have a secret. It's not a deep dark regret, or anything illegal... but it is a secret. It is one that I find myself thinking more and more about as I get older and am faced with difficulties in life. I secretly wish that I were more artistic. I wish I had some sort of outlet for my feelings: I wish I could paint, draw, dance, sing, sculpt, craft... anything... but, unfortunately, it's just not in me. I couldn't draw a circle to save my life, I suck at dancing (picture white-man's overbite combined with Elaine Benese), and I have tried to paint and just end up frustrated and paint-covered. Now we all know that jealousy and envy are emotions that don't look good on anyone but sometimes, I connect with creative people and wish I had what they had.

One of these people is a good friend of ours named Stephanie. She is so incredible talented. Until I saw her work, I wasn't really aware that someone could be so creative in more than one type of art. But she is. I've seen her paintings and they are amazing. She has made incredibly beautiful vases. But something she is most passionate about is her jewelry making. My sisters and I have some of her pieces, one of which I wear every day and never take off, and people cannot believe that they are hand-made by someone we know. I am going to share some of them for you in this post.

Black Spinel Drop Earrings 
Turquoise and Ruby Earrings 

Pink Spinel and Emerald Chain with Diamond Charm

Faceted Onyx Lariate that can be worn in a variety of ways. I have one, and when you wear it with an LBD... Wow. 

Ruby Cluster Necklace
Black Spinel Rosary

Stephanie's Jewelry is not only beautiful, but it is all designed and handmade in her studio in Montreal. More often than not, ' designer' jewelry you find in boutiques is actually mass-produced gold/silver-plated low-end products. Stephanie uses high quality faceted stones and the gold jewelry is gold-filled (meaning the interior is silver) instead of gold-plated which is known to rub off. Her designs are unique, well-made and can be custom designed. 

I will be doing a follow up post with more of her designs next week because Stephanie has generously given a piece of her hand-made jewelry valued at over $100 to be used in our "Giveaway". Her website and online store will also be up next week so orders can be placed directly online. To be eligible for the FREE GIVEAWAY , share this link on facebook and then comment below by next Thursday, March 21. We will announce the random winner next Friday. So goodluck! 

**Don't forget to comment in the 'comments' section below once you've shared the post to qualify for the giveaway!

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