Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Fashion Forward

Good Sunday Evening! After an amazing spa weekend up north with E, I am feeling relaxed and ready to take on the week. The sun is finally returning and, with that, the temperatures are rising (somewhat) and the snow is starting to melt (somewhat). But, that's not how I know Spring is coming.... Instead I know Spring is coming because my friend/old co-worker has sent me the customary 'Spring Text' saying: "You haven't done a fashion post in a long time. How am I supposed to know what to wear for Spring/Summer?". Well, here it is... My Spring Fashion Post. I have chosen to share mostly styles from Zara because it is moderately priced and can be worn by both younger and... more mature women. A few of the other links are from a site that a friend of mine works for called Gilt that I am absolutely obessed with. It has everything from clothes for women, men and children as well as stuff for the home, beauty tools and makeup... and a lot more. I spend much more time on this site than I would like to admit. 

I have decided to start with dresses since I absolutely adore them. I think there is nothing better than having a good dress collection because, when you're not in the mood to choose an 'outfit', just throw on a dress and head out the door. Easy Peasy. This Backless Lacy Dress can be worn to work/cocktail hour with a cute blazer and then, when the jacket comes off... sexy LBD 
I want this Dress with Chain Shoulders... like, I want it and will probably drag T out to Zara this week on a wild mission to track it down. Since I have a bit of a square body type, this shape dress seems to work well on me. Chances are, if you see me this summer... I will probably be wearing this dress... more than once.
This Zara Floral Print Dress is adorable. I don't think I could quite pull it off (though I hate that saying), I think it is fun, playful and quite versatile. I also happen to think it would look quite lovely with a jean jacket.  
Though I am doing a Spring fashion post, I am really really loving these J Brand Olivia Embroidered Skinny Jean. I love everything about them from the color, to fit and the added texture above and below the knee. I often wear denim in the Spring with a bright top like this Alex + Alex V-Neck Blouse in Cherry.

Now, we (meaning I) may not all have the body for it... but if you're feeling particularly Kim-Kardashiany (please forgive me for that one) then this Zara Asymmetric Crop Top with matching White Pencil Skirt is for you. 

Body thing also applies to this Striped Guipure Lace Top that my Grandma H wanted me to buy for my birthday last weekend. She has great taste.. but I don't know if it would flatter me. 
As for shoes... I apologize, but you're on your own. Mainly because, if it were up to me, everyone would walk around in these all summer, but hey! Nautical's in!

With Love,

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