Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Special Birthday Message for a Very Special Sister

Today is another special day. Today is T's 29th Birthday; her last year as a 20 something. 

Could she have been any cuter?

It's difficult for me to put into words what either of my sisters mean to, or the relationship we have together but... simply put... it is special. As I've said before, growing up we had the normal fights and arguments that all sisters have. However, Mama H always taught us to sort things out, move on, not hold a grudge... We always knew, somewhere deep down, that we loved each other dearly. As we grew we learned, more and more, to see the beauty in one another; appreciate what makes each of us different, but special. When it comes to Tracy, she is sensitive and kind, thoughtful, generous, creative, smart and would do absolutely anything for the people she loves. 

Look at those legs... I want to eat them up
Try not to be distracted by the awesome outfit I am wearing
A business woman from the start
In the upcoming year, T will not only spend her last year in her 20's, but she will also become a first-time Mama. In addition to being the cutest pregnant lady ever, T is going to be an incredible mother. If she is even half as caring, loving, protective and supportive as she has been to me over the years, then this is one lucky baby. 

She is a great listener and an even better advice giver (even when her advice may not be needed haha) and I know I can tell her anything. To my sister, and my best friend, I would like to wish T and very Happy 29th Birthday and an even better 29th year. You are very loved.

With Love,