Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's The Point of Good News If You Haven't a Sister to Share it?

Good Morning Everyone! And what a beautiful morning it is! Not because it's Wednesday, or because it's supposed to reach record-breaking heat today, but because our big sister K turns 30 today! Yup, you heard me, K is officially out of her 20's and ready to take on her 30's. I know she will be the most fabulous 30 year old I know. I cannot believe that MY big sister... the same one who tried (unsuccessfully but not on her end) to teach me to skip double-dutch in our Grandmother's driveway and would watch endless Saturday morning cartoons with me in her jammies... is turning 30. 

K and Papa H... Don't they look so much alike?

It's funny what happens with sisters... Growing up, you're always fighting about something. First it's toys and who gets to choose the Friday night movie, then it's clothes and who gets to use the car. Then, one day... the petty fighting stops and you are able to see the beauty in one another and really appreciate how blessed you are to have these women in your life. You realize that they are not on another team, but are playing on yours. They are there to help you, protect you, laugh with you and love you. I think I felt this stronger as the baby in the family, because I was the last one to realize it. I am sure my Mom and Dad had days when we were little where they wanted to pull their hair out and would have done anything for the arguments to stop but, if it's what got us to where we are today, then it was all worth it. 

In the Bahamas for Miss T's wedding
Our fourth sister... also K
My sisters are my support system, my go-to girls, my best friends. I wouldn't trade what I have with them for anything in the world. I know I can count on them for anything and would never hesitate to call them at any time of day if I needed them. I chose the quote "What's the point of having good news if you haven't a sister to share it?" because it really resounded with me. My sisters are the first people I call when I have any news... good or bad, because I know they will feel with me. They feel happy when I am happy, and they will feel sad when I am sad. This kind of emotional bond can only be shared by family... and I think sisters have an especially strong one. 

As they say "A Sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost", you can't break what we have because it runs through our blood; we are family. We go through all of our ups, and downs together. It's not always rainbows and cupcakes... but you don't get the good times without having some less-than-good times. Our parents made sure we had a strong foundation and made it known that being sisters meant you protect each other and support each other... even when that's easier said than done.

K played the part of big sister like it was nobody's business. She was there to stand up to any bully, give you a lift when you wanted your cool big sister to drop you somewhere, or just hang out when you needed someone. She has grown from being my big sister, to being a smart, talented, compassionate, beautiful and all around amazing woman who is very loved. She has made her entire family proud and continues to do so every day. She is strong, brave and the best big sister a girl could ever ask for. So, I hope that this day.. the day of her 30th birthday, is as special as she is and that her 30th year brings her everything and anything she could ask for because she deserves nothing less than that. 

We love you Katie. 

With Love,