Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby Got Back

Good Tuesday Morning Everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend, and got to enjoy the beau-ti-ful weather we had. I know I can't complain about winter because I just got back from a week down south frolicking on the beach and Prince sighting (we made eye contact... No Big Deal), but I have to say, I'm happy there is no snow. Anyway, I know I have been an LB recently, and it's mostly because I have been really busy with work and life. Speaking of LB, my bestest friend/sistah LB was in town last week and when the two of us get together.. it's magic. We laugh until it hurts and she just knows how to make my day. Miss you love!

While on my lunch break yesterday, I decided to do what I do best... Find clothes on-line that are oh so beautiful but also oh so expensive and oh so not going to happen right now. I am trying to save and browsing the internet seems counter-productive. HOWEVER, I have recently been practising extreme self-discipline and have not ordered anything on-line in a while... so I'm giving myself a pat on the back for that one. I apologize that most pictures are featured from the back, but ShopBop (the site where the clothes are sold) has moving photos. Most of the dresses look better from the back anyway, and I think it's an interesting perspective. As always, you can click on the name of the item to see where it can be purchased. So here are some of my top 'I Want That but Don't Need That and Will Therefore No Buy' items. 

This is the Addison Cape Sleeve Easy Dress in Nude/Smoke. I love how the material looks so light and flowy, while still staying a bit dressy. It would be perfect for dinner out in Old Montreal in the summer. 

Dolce Vita Lily Stripped Dress in Blush/Black I love how easy peasy this dress looks. I think this dress would be perfect to throw on over a bathing suit while on vacay, or just to wear on your yacht on a sunny Sunday afternoon in July (in a perfect world)

Feel The Piece V Neck Maxi Dress. I'm always looking for the perfect Maxi dresses in the summer and I love this one. With the pop of colour and the race-back, it is just so cute. 

This Halston Heritage Side Knot Dress is more of an office dress or a date night dress, but is such a lovely shade of purple and a great cut. 
Tibi Draped Shift Dress in Spearmint, unfortunately, K is allergic to spearmint, but I think she would love this colour in a dress. I don't look good in Green, but with K's darker hair and skin tone, she would look amazing in it. 

I am in love with this Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent in Arrow  Maxi skirt. I love me a maxi skirt just as much as I love a good Maxi dress and I think this one is so great. 

Philip Lim Collapsed Kite Dress in Antique White this dress is just beautiful. 'Nuff Said. Now if I only had $900 to buy it. 

This Kimberly Taylor Peru Dress with Even Hem had me at hello. I love the colour, the playful cut, the cinched waist. I honestly would wear this all the time if I owned it.  

Blue Life Bachelorette Dress no explanation needed... would be perfect for a bachelorette.

And last but definitely not least.. this Madison Marcus Triumph Lace Dress in Blush. I love how much detail is put into this dress. Ever single part of it from the hem, to the waist, to the neckline is absolutely stunning. I dare you to find a more feminine and classy dress than this one. For T's bridal shower the bridal party wore blush, I wish this dress had existed then. Sigh.

Well, that's all for today... What else can I say other than I wish Prince Harry would come find me so that I could buy all these pretty things. Hey, a girl can dream. Have a fabulous Tuesday!

With Love,