Monday, March 5, 2012

VERY IMPORTANT!!! (Bday message)

As mentioned above, this is a VERY IMPORTANT POST!!!

No, it’s not about some celebrity, not about fashion, a new recipe or a “must-visit” destination. Nope, this post is very important to me because today we celebrate my littlest sister’s birthday!
(Ok, so we might actually be “celebrating” it later on because only the privileged Bahamas crew has the chance to celebrate with her today but whatever…)

As most of you know, S is the youngest of the family, but from the get-go she was able to hold her own (not an easy thing to do with two older sisters!) She was artsy and calm enough to do crafts, play school, house & grocery story (yes, my mom loved when T would empty all of her cupboards to play that one!) with T yet tough enough and not afraid to get dirty while playing hide ‘n seek, soccer and tag with me (k). Her piercing blue eyes, her soft blond ringlets and her infectious smile could melt just about anyone’s heart- she was one CUTE kid!

Little has changed of that adorable little girl (* see note below); the ringlets may have straightened and you might not catch her playing “bakery” in the mud but those beautiful baby blues and contagious smile remain…

I feel honoured to have had the chance to watch S grow from that adorable little girl into a strong, smart, generous, hard working, caring, hilarious (ok I could go on forever) young woman… TWENTY FIVE year old woman that is. I couldn’t be more grateful to have her as my

So here’s to you S, the sisters-three would be nothing without ya (and not just because you are the third one :P) I wish you nothing but the best- health, love and happiness- on your very special day! I love you tons and despite the ridiculous tan you for sure have, I am so so so excited to see you!

* Fun Facts about S *

Scented items weren’t permitted in the house i.e. play dough, markers, cause S would eat them!
She developed claustrophobia after an intense game of hide ‘n seek (armoire)
She use to color her hair green because she wanted to be a Ninja Turtle
She only recently (ok not THAT recently but it took her a while!) learned how to say the word “yellow” (lellow?!?!?!?)

She has two sisters, parents, grandparents, a boyfriend, a brother-in-law, a sister’s boyfriend and TONS of coworkers and friends who love her dearly & wish her the absolute BEST today!!!


Much love x