Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Birthday Shoutout to the "Youngest" Grandma We Know

Yes, the Three of us have been very busy this month with all these birthday celebrations and last but certainly not least is our very dear Granny H!!!

When I say "Granny H," those of you who don't know her are probably picturing an elderly, perhaps fragile type woman whose little pleasures in life include her bridge club, leisurely walks around a shopping mall and lots of polyester... WRONG!

OK, you WILL find her in a shopping mall but instead of a leisurely walk, you'll find her zipping from Zara to Lulu Lemon with a loop-around back to American Apparel- got to keep up with the girls in her weekly jazz aerobics class!!! It isn’t just her bod she keeps in shape- Granny is also an avid reader, could take on just about anyone is chat about current events, she definitely keeps up with the Kardashians (ok, w/ a little help from her granddaughters) and I’m fairly certain I just received a text message from her… yes, she and the iPhone are pretty compatible! Granny H has proved time and time again that she can roll with the rest of us- in fact, she out-lasted most of the "parents" when we were down south for T's wedding!

Of course we enjoy (and feel very, very lucky) that our grandmother is able to keep up with us however, our gratitude and love for her goes far beyond that. The Three of us have been lucky to have had Granny close to us our whole lives. Few weekends went by when we were growing up that Granny (& Gramps of course) didn’t host us at the Hilton for breakfast, attend a swim meet/soccer/softball game(s) or have us over for cartoons and popcorn. And we can't tell you how many times we heard "Can your grandma adopt me too???"

I would imagine that some kids would tend to gravitate away from their grandparents as they enter the teenage years… not us! All Three of us share memories of attending whatever hot party/event that was going on and then making our way back to Granny’s house (often with a few friends, often in the wee hours of the morning) where we would hop into bed… and probably sleep until noon. Granny took on another shot at parenthood when she & Gramps agreed to allow K (during her less than pleasant teenage years) A time K will never forget :)

So now, at 25, 28 & 30 years of age, the Three feel amazingly lucky to have our former babysitter, breakfast partner, shopping buddy, smart, beautiful, witty, funny, comforting, all-around amazing Granny H here to share so much with us.

Happy Birthday Grandma
We love you tons


The Three