Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another great Guest Post from CGWL

CGWL (Cheap Guys Wine List) goes on the Road Last night...

The night before the ladies return from the Bahamas, the CGWL were invited to dinner at B’s home. The “left-behind sister” K and D also joined in the fun.

B put on quite the feast for the group with great Caesar salad, steaks and a hot veggie side and roasted sweet potatoes. He finished it up with nice cheese and K topped it off with one of her classic chocolate desserts and ice cream. Quite the feast- D wanted to walk back home to the West Island to recover! E had brought a sampling of new wines to try and of course how could we refuse!

The first was a very nice Barbera D’Asti 2007 Villa Fiorita Barbera d'Asti Superiore 2007 SAQ code : 10394007 $18.90. It was very smooth and full bodied- but did not last long! Certainly a recommended buy.

The second bottle was a Fontanafredda Barbera d'Alba 2010 SAQ code : 00038174 $15.35 (on sale at $12.35) (E says it is the same grape as the first bottle but from a neighbouring town). Obviously the “neighbouring town” doesn’t have the same skills as D’Asti. There was a tremendous difference in the acidity and body of the second selection. With a little work (letting it breath a few minutes and using an aerating pourer) it did become acceptable- but certainly not as immediately appreciated as the first. However, we did manage to finish that selection and move on to the last “sample”...

A Castiglioni Frescobaldi Chianti 2010 SAQ code : 00545319 $15.90 This wine was acceptable from the outset but, again, it was not as full flavoured or smooth as the Barbera D’Asti we tried at the beginning. I think we will give it a low “pass”.

After all the food and some interesting wine, and knowing it was only Tuesday night with work in the morning, we called it a night! But the CGWL would like to congratulate B for an excellent meal and for being such a great host!

As you can see (and read) B made a liar out of me (K)! Yup, I was suppose to be feeding these poor boys while the girls were away but instead, B took control- and what a great job he did! (He might, in the end, regret this decision as now I know he can cook- looks like next time he can be the go-to-guy for help in the kitchen!!!)

Thanks again B for a lovely meal & the rest of the boys for the great company! Now- off for a walk to work off the remains of last night's food coma!!!

Much luv & thanks to the CGWL for another great post!