Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Sweet Gift from an Even Sweeter Lady

Good Wednesday morning everyone! I am in a great mood today because it's Wednesday, which means it's almost Thursday, which means it's almost Friday, which means T and Mama will be home in two days and we miss them! It's also a good morning because I got an amazing surprise this morning. The very sweet receptionist in my office just got back from a trip to the Club Med in the Bahamas. Before she went, I told her about how my best friend E and I went to Club Med when we were twelve and ate so much of their White Chocolate Bread that we practically made ourselves sick. It had to have been the most delicious bread I had ever tasted. She had never tried it, but told me she looked forward to now that I have spoken so highly of it. Well, when I came in this morning she was stading there, all tanned, holding a fresh loaf of this delicious bread. Though she found it a little sweet, she said she had to order a loaf for me since I had raved about it so much. The bread hardly made it out of the wrapping before I was sneaking a taste and I can tell you, it's just as delicious as I remembered it to be! I wrote to E telling her about the gift I received and she couldn't believe it... she's also very jealous. What a great way to start a Wednesday morning! I'll be back later for another post, but I wanted to share this story first as well as the recipe which you can find here. I'm off to enjoy a toasted piece of my White Chocolate Bread. Have a great day and I hope that you're morning is as sweet as mine has been.
*Picture from Club Med Website

With Love,