Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go - Part 2

Good Afternoon Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday and are happy that this day is almost halfway done. On the bright side, tomorrow is Wednesday which means we are that much closer to the weekend. I don't know about you, but I find this winter is flying by. I can't believe that in less than three weeks, I will be on a plane, on my way to sunny Nassau in the Bahamas. Speaking of the Caribbean, today's vacation post is going to be focused on our girls trip two years ago that took us to the beautiful island of St-Lucia.

Part 2 of S's Travel Reviews: St-Lucia

When I think of our trip to St-Lucia, I can't help but smile. I have so many great memories of this gorgeous island... some of which I better not share here :) In all honesty though, St-Lucia was definitely one of the best vacations I have ever been on. We stayed at the Coconut Bay Resort which has an adults only and family side to the resort that is joined by a bridge over the lazy river. Though the activities at night were often combined, during the day you very rarely ever saw the children. 

 *K and I enjoying our favourite part of the trip:the lazy river. Maybe we should have stayed on the kids side.

Despite a few very minor problems, the staff were friendly, the resort was clean, the food was good and the company couldn't be beat. We also enjoyed massages at the spa, which was also highly enjoyable, and overlooking the ocean. We relaxed in the big beds they had around the pool during the day, or took a trip around the lazy river to cool off, and went to dinner and then the club at night. 

We may have had a little run-in with a wedding party that didn't end well... But in the end, we all made nice. Though I don't know how the actual wedding went, seeing as the bride-to-be ran out of the rehearsal dinner crying... but oh well. 

Because we all like to explore the islands we visit beyond just staying in the resort, we did a day trip that took us on a tour of part of the island. Because St-Lucia is much more lush and has more mountains than the islands we are use to, we really appreciated the beauty that it had to offer, and decided to grab a drink at another resort to be able to sit, surrounded by the beauty of it all. It truly is breathtaking. 

Part of the group also decided that they would go on a whale watching tour the next day. Feeling a little less... adventurous on this particular day, I opted out and stayed at the hotel with T. Though they really enjoyed the tour, they didn't get to see any whales but did get to see lots of dolphins... which they loved!

I could go on and on and tell you dozens of stories, including how we pretty much drank the island dry of Champagne... but I'll spare you all the details. St-Lucia is a gorgeous island with some of the friendliest people you could ever meet. If you do get the chance to visit, make sure you leave your resort and get to explore the island. The colours in St-Lucia, from the flowers, to the houses and the fruits, are stunning and really make the island the beautiful place that it is. 

Have a great day!
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