Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back To Montreality - A Guest Post by Mama H

Good morning everyone!  Well, T and I arrived back in Montreal last Friday, after spending a very relaxing week in St. Petersburgh (Florida) at T's mother-in-law's lovely home. For our European friends', I'm sorry to say, the weather was perfect - lots of sun and warm temperatures.  But, if it makes you feel any better, it's rather miserable here in Montreal, so there you go!!

Anyway, while we were down there, we saw and did a fair amount, without exhausting ourselves.  T was desperate to see an alligator and after coming upon one at a nature park, she can now tick that off her "bucket list".  By the way, did you know an alligator prefers to "attack" things it can swallow in one bite?  So, unless you're a teeny tiny person, you should be good to go when in Florida.  One more little bit of info:  if you do happen to come across an alligator just lounging around, it's because he/she has already eaten "something" and are digesting it - similar to how our husbands'/boyfriends' re-act after a meal!!

Needless to say, our week went far too quickly and now we're back here in the "Great White North".  Oh well, it won't be long before (again, I'm sorry Europe) we off to Nassau in the Bahamas for a "girls week".  We'll be taking off in three weeks and from now 'til then, I'll have to rest and be ready to travel with T, S, two friends' and their daughters'.  We've been doing this for a number of years and believe me, it can be "quite" the week.

We always go to a different destination each year but I haven't figured out if it's because we want to try a new place or maybe it's because these places would PREFER we try another resort!!

In St. Lucia, I can't imagine the girls left one unopened bottle of champagne when we departed as every time I went by the group of them, all I heard was the "pop" of the cork and lots of laughing.

So, that's it for now but if you're reading this in Australia, I hope the flooding has eased up and if you're in Europe, well....all I can suggest is you find someone to snuggle up with to stay warm!

Bye Until Next Time,
Mama H

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