Sunday, January 29, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

Good Sunday afternoon everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday, doing things you love and spending it with loved ones. As a real estate broker, my weekends are usually very hectic and busy. Well, my day yesterday was beyond hectic; literally jam-packed with work, but today was actually quite quiet. I actually slept past 8, stayed in bed longer than I should have, and had time to make a delicious home-made lunch of focaccia and chicken noodle soup. E and I are going for a nice walk to the park because the sun is shinning and it isn't so cold out there. So I'm off for now and will be back later with some pictures from our walk. Before I go out, here are some things that make me happy, especially on quiet Sunday Mornings.

Reuniting with loved ones. I went out for dinner with two of my best girlies, E and A, and we had such a lovely time. E has been my best friend for, and I can't believe I'm old enough to say this... 20 years. Honestly, she has been with me my entire life and it feels like just yesterday we were fighting over toys in the sandbox. Love... Speaking of love, we went to my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world: Bottega Pizzaria in Little Italy. I have mentioned it before, and it did not disappoint last night. So, until we meet again Bottega xoxo. 

Fluffy slippers that keep my feet warm and remind me of my dad because he bought them for me a on a native reserve near my grandmother's house in Ontario. 

To up the comfort level, I paired said slippers with my comfiest grey roots sweatpants and a big cup of coffee. Good morning :)

Mimosas made with leftover champagne from the boys night E had last night. 

Having sugary kids cereal with my mimosa instead of a fancy breakfast, because it makes me feel young. Plus, you may not know this, but it's the real breakfast of champions.

Mini jams in glass jars at breakfast that make me feel classy... and just a little bit british.

Text conversations with best friends/long lost sisters who live out of town and who I miss dearly. Don't worry nice, we will be together soon... and it there will be cuddles, and wine :) 

Alright I must go, the smell of focaccia is filling my apartment, and I don't want it to burn.

Have a great Sunday.
With Love,