Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tapas Attempt Number Two: Failed

Last time I was in Florida, I posted about my experience at a popular tapas restaurant here in town called Ceviche.  Unfamiliar with the style of restaurant and with no guidance from the waiter, we ended up ordering too much food and having it arrive all at once – not quite a relaxing dinner nor did it encourage dinner conversation as I later learned serving tapas is supposed to do.
This trip, I was keen on going back and giving it a second chance.  After all, the food was absolutely delicious and I felt confident we knew what we were doing. 
We placed our orders and explained to the waiter what plates were our appetisers and which were our mains. Well things didn’t go so smoothly… the rice arrived before our salad then one of our meals came while two of us sat wihtout ours.  Confused by why this happened, we spoke with the waiter but he insisted “This is the way tapas works”.  So tell me, is he right?  Is it everyone for themselves?  Does the eating etiquette number one rule “wait before others are served before you eat your meal” not apply when eating tapas?
We still had a very pleasant evening.  The food was delicious, we laughed a lot and the best part – we rode home in a golf car with ground effects and spinners.