Sunday, January 22, 2012


Sunday has become my cooking day.  I do quite a bit of cooking and baking during the week but it is usually something fast and easy.  Sunday is my day to take it slow, to make a meal we love that requires more time.
We have a routine.  My husband and I go to the grocery store and he helps me prepare the ingredients.  He then watches football while I pop back and forth into the kitchen as needed.  I love the smell of the food cooking away and I love this time we share together.
Today on the menu – lentil soup and corn bread.
I used this recipe for the lentil soup and although I didn't have any white wine or Parmesan cheese, it turned out great.  It paired well with the cornbread but don't be mislead by the picture...
My MIL suggested I use the cornbread recipe from Land O Lakes Treasury of Country Recipes.  It seemed simple and it tastes great, but something definitely went wrong...
I guess I can't expect everything to turn out perfectly.

Happy Sunday everyone.