Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good Finds Beauty Edition

Though I wouldn't classify myself as someone who is good at doing makeup, or even as someone who wears a lot of makeup (most days I don't wear any) I do know good makeup when I see it. As most girls know, it totally sucks when you buy the newest 'it' product, only to use it and find out it's terrible. I recently had this happen to me with a mascara I bought at the drugstore. They promised that it would make my lashes longer, fuller, thicker, darker, better, that it would make men swoon and women jealous, and that it would last, even through a rainstorm. Well, let me be the first to tell you that it did none of these things. It clumped, ran, was sticky and basically everything you don't want a mascara to be. Sad times. Because of this disappointment, I decided to do a blog post about recent beauty finds that I have fallen in love with. Unfortunately, I'm no Bobby Brown, so most of them are just your basic everyday wears... but you can't have a pretty face without a good base.

I have to thank my boyfriends sisters in Italy for this discovery; Olive Oil based facewash and moisturizer. I had never tried any olive oil based beauty product, but now I'm totally hooked. E's sister sent me a face wash and moisturizer that's main ingredient is OO and my face has never been softer. Honestly, I was skeptical at first because I thought it would make my face greasy, but I promise you it doesn't! It leaves your face soft and moisturized and super smooth. I am in love, and though I couldn't find the exact one they bought me online, I found this one that looks good. Try it for a week, I promise you'll love it and see a change in your skin... especially if you have dry skin like me.

Though my skin isn't greasy, I do get a bit of shine on my nose and on my chin that can sometimes look more intense in pictures. I hate it. I was having trouble finding something that covered enough without feeling heavy and cakey, until Tracy bought me this for Christmas, the Sephora Line Mineral Matifying Compact. There are three steps you can do, depending on the coverage you want, but most days I just use the last step which is the powder. It feels so light and honestly gives you an airbrushed look. Love

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The next great find are the Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes that come in a variety of looks. My favorites are the Romantic Eye Collection, the Smokey Eye Collection, and the Natural at Night Collection.  They are honestly the best palettes I have found because the eyeshadow is pigmented and stays put, and they give you step by step instruction that make it virtually fool-proof... which is good for people like me who are terrible at doing eye makeup. 

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When it comes to the lips, I am very picky about what I will wear and won't wear. I hate when a product is too sticky, too dark, too dry, too heavy ... just too much. During the day, I usually just stick to a Nivea lipchap because it is the easiest and just a no fuss option, but at night I like to switch it up. I did the whole 'Juicy Tube' thing as a teenager, but quickly realized they are nice when standing in the bathroom putting it on, but get caught in a gust of wind and man... you could spend 10 minutes trying to get your hair un-stuck from your lips. Now that I'm older and wiser (haha) I find this option to be much more practical. The Buxom Swinger Girls lipgloss set is amazing. Though a teeny tiny bit sticky, it's totally worth it for how nice and moisturizing they are. Honestly, you can't find a better gloss in a better array of colors.

Now when it comes to mascara... we all know who wins this race.

You can argue with me about other mascaras until you're blue in the face... I don't care. This is my go-to when it comes making me look prettier/more awake/my eyes look bluer/make me feel better. Honestly, this is a must have if I've ever known one. I wouldn't give this up for anything, not even those fancy schmancy $50 mascaras. Good old Maybelline Great Last is the best. When it's not broken... why fix it?

Have a beautiful afternoon!

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