Saturday, January 7, 2012

Get DownTown

I rarely go biking in Montreal because the crazy city drivers make me nervous.  But I enjoy biking and since the area I am visiting is the ideal place to venture out, my husband and I hopped on our sweet rides and took off.

We headed towards the water and just followed along the Bay – stopping for coffee, pictures...

and the highlight of my ride - finding a ‘Yogurtology’, delicious frozen yogurt that would be dangerous if I lived here.  They do warn right on the container ‘Our products can be highly addictive’. 

We also had dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Bay.  Before I arrived in Florida, I was convinced I did not like key lime pie.  That was before.  The girls and I have been sampling key lime pie anywhere we can, in search for the best one.  So far, walmart’s $4.95 one is at the top of my list.

  (We don't like to favor the key lime pie so we always order a couple others to sample as well)
Our entertainment for the evening was St.Pete’s Get DownTown block party where there were cheap drinks, live music and dancing in the streets.  The main strip was packed with locals enjoying themselves and we joined in.  

Fun fun.