Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Comfort Food - It's Good For the Soul

Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday. I’m trying to be cheery and trying to squeeze every little bit of positivity I possibly can out of myself today because it is… wait for it… -17 outside, but feels like -24 with the wind-chill. Yay!!! As I sit here, looking out the window at this very grey day, I keep seeing T’s post below and it is slowly sucking out my positive vibes. I won’t let it though! I can’t because I promised that this winter I wouldn’t complain. So I won’t! Instead, I will appreciate the good that this weather brings; rosy cheeks, romantic snow falls, chunky knits and cozy sweater, sipping hot chocolate by the fire, red wine, and my favorite… comfort food! I am trying my gosh darn hardest to make lemonade here people, so please bear with me :) When I got home from work yesterday, I couldn’t get my work clothes off fast enough to jump into my jammies. It was freezing, dark and windy out and I was happy that I had nothing on and would be able to settle on the couch reading and watching TV.  I know it sounds lazy, but on days like these, it’s hard to want to do anything else. After catching up on some real estate work at home and watching a few episodes of Mad Men, I decided to venture into the kitchen and come up with something different to have for dinner. Though I eat chicken most nights, I was craving a nice home-cooked meal and that was the only thing defrosted in the fridge. As a side, I decided to make baked garlic and herb sweet potato fries instead of the usual white potato we often cook with. I follow a recipe from my favorite cookbook: the William Sonoma Cooking Essentials. They turned out great and I was very pleased since it was my first time making them. Though E is always so good about eating my cooking, even the questionable meals, I could tell he was relieved when I set out the plates with a ‘normal’ looking dinner. It was a nice, quiet night filled with big sweaters, throws and comfort food… just what I needed.

It’s another cold one out there today, so T&B picked a darn good week to be away. I woke up this morning and said to myself ‘who cares if it’s cold? I’m going to put together a freakin cute work outfit and forget about the cold!’. See, the thing is, I’m mighty brave and ‘in-your-face winter!’ when I’m in the safety and warmth of my room… but once I venture outside… different story, different girl. So yeah, I’m at work and this is happening:

*Comfy chunky knit trumps sweet polka dot blouse everytime!

Stay warm! Or cool (T, B & K)

With love,