Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What You're Not Festive?

Good morning everyone and happy 11 days until Christmas! The weather continues to be unseasonably warm here in the MTL and so it doesn’t look like we will be having a white Christmas this year. I don’t want to complain, because we could be standing in two feet of snow instead of carrying umbrellas, but there is something magical about snow around the holidays and I kind of miss it. Though we don’t have any snow here, there was a dusting on the ground and trees on our drive to Ontario and it was beautiful.

 I know I promised a Christmas post yesterday afternoon, but I was so busy and I also thought T’s post was really amazing and didn’t need to be overshadowed by an over the top Christmas post… so here it is now.

I freakin’ love the Holidays. I love the music, the decorations and yes, even the stress. I know that sounds odd, but the stress is part of what makes it so special for me. Partially because it is more excitement that stress, but also because I’m a procrastinator and probably wouldn’t get it all done if I didn’t have such a tight deadline. Something else I LOVE LOVE LOVE is how much effort the stores put in to making such beautiful Holiday displays. I’m sure someone in marketing would give me a whole spiel on how the stores do it to suck you in and make you buy more and blah blah blah. Well guess what? It does suck me in, and it may make me buy more (subconsciously) but I love it nonetheless. I love to picture that scene from Elf where Buddy is anticipating a visit from Santa and spends the entire night turning the department store’s toy section into the most beautiful winter wonderland. Well, the Bay may not have elves, but heck… I think they made a darn good winter wonderland.

Monday, on our way back from being away, T and I decided to do some power shopping and boy did I shop! For some reason, I got a burst of inspiration and managed to cross a few people off my list all in one store. I couldn’t believe how everything just seemed to fall into place; every store had the size I needed, I got the last pair of shoes in the color I wanted, and there was even a sale on a gadget I wanted to buy. Everything just fell in line and I got a lot done. I can’t, however, say the same for my wrapping. I am slacking on my wrapping. Last night, over a glass of red wine and some blaring Christmas music, I forced myself to sit down and wrap. The pile of gifts in my room was piling up and I would stare and it every night and sweat. I knew I had to tackle it… I just kept saying ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’. Well, last night was tomorrow. I said to myself “Just do five. Five is a small number, it won’t take you long”. I ended up doing eight! And they were pretty well done too. I’m no Martha Stewart, but I’m pretty darn proud of the wrapping I did last. Eight down, Fifty to go :) 

In case you thought my Christmas excitement couldn’t get any crazier, it can, because tonight my sisters and I will be decorating the Christmas tree at my parents house.  It’s one of my favorite nights of the year, could even be tied with Christmas Eve. I love listening to the music while the three of us dance around putting ornaments on the tree and the guys look at us like we’ve lost it… and maybe we have… but I don’t care! I’m pumped to decorate and will do a post about the tree tomorrow. I’m sure my sisters are just as excited as I am, but I hope they aren’t feeling the stress… with 18 people coming this year for Christmas dinner, the heat is on! But we’ve being doing this for years, I’m sure we’ll handle it like pros. Happy Wednesday everyone!