Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Moves Like Jagger

Good morning everyone! Only FOUR days until Christmas. Still can’t believe it… but I guess I better start believing!  I’m still not feeling well but, please hold your applause until the end, I pushed myself last night and got the majority of my wrapping done in one shot! I have a few small things left to wrap, but all the big things have been wrapped, bowed, and tagged and I’m thrilled. Now I just have a few little things left to buy, but I hope to not be in the stores at all this weekend. Christmas Eve day on a Saturday = good news for the malls, and bad news for shoppers. Now I just have to get myself up and running and I’ll be ready to partay! T’s husband B’s family will be joining our family for Christmas this year, which means K will be here and I can’t wait to see her. After seeing her so frequently during wedding prep, it seems like FOREVER since I last saw her and I can’t wait for all us sisters to open up a bottle (or two) of Champagne and cheers to the Holidays.

Ok... B can come too :)

Since I’ve been sick the past few days, I haven’t done much and therefore don’t have any pictures to share. Instead, I have chosen to post a link for a video that makes me laugh every time I watch it. It’s a scene from ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’, and hands down my favorite part of the movie. Sometimes around the holidays, when T & I have had a few drinks, we like to imitate their dance moves, especially little red-headed girl’s sweet straight-arm strut. You may need to watch it a couple times to be able to catch everything going on. Man, I wish I could dance like these kids. Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday and Happy 4 days until Christmas!

With love,