Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday-ready??? Already!!!

I was enjoying my early-morning, leisurely cruise into work this morning when I decided to shuffle the station to some easy-listening. To my utter shock I wound up listening to bells jing-jingling... on NOVEMBER 14th!?!?!?

Yes, I have adjusted to the fact that stores whip out their Holiday bells and whistles before the kids are half way done Trick-or-Treating but generally, radio stations hold off on the Holiday cheer tunes until at least American Thanksgiving!!! So yup, I was fairly taken aback when "Baby, it's cold outside" rang through my car this morning.... P.S. Baby, it's 17 degrees outside today- hardly a temperature for xmas music!!!

Of course, I race into my office, this post already composed in my head and what do you know... Ms. S has already gotten herself caught up in the early-holiday-nonesense!!! FRIDAY, Friday November 11th, S posted a holiday related post! Although I may have been accused of in it my younger (b*itchy teenage) years, I am NOT a grinch... I am a die-hard white-Christmas kinda girl so forgive me if I have difficulties with Carols, Xmas decos & Holiday posts when I'm still wearing flip-flops to work!!!

P.S. "Baby, it's cold outside," questionable holiday lyrics if you ask me!!! 

Just saying...


Picture from Snibel Blog